How To Keep Your Vision As A Yoga Instructor In Sight

Do you find yourself wondering why some yoga teachers have great success, while others don’t? Do you feel like they just have better luck? Or that there is no room for you in an overcrowded market?

You’re working hard teaching class after class, but you worry your yoga business will never take off. You’re tired of standing by watching more and more yoga teachers pack their classes, create awesome videos, gain huge followings, and teach yoga retreats around the world.

Guess what? It’s not just luck of the draw that led those yoga instructors to success. It was a combination of clear vision, purposeful action, hard work, and intention.

If you’re feeling lost amongst the crowd, start by asking yourself these six questions:

  1. What is your mission?
  2. What is your long-term “pie-in-the-sky” vision?
  3. What is your higher purpose?
  4. How are your current actions benefiting or hindering your long-term vision?
  5. Are your values aligned with your intentions?
  6. Are you giving it your all? If not, are you willing to?

Without these things, you’ll most likely remain stuck.

Always go back to your vision. Spend time getting to the heart of what you want and why and take the time to examine how you are out of alignment and what changes you need to make in order to move forward. When you keep your vision in sight, you remain powerful, energized, and purposeful.

How To Keep Your Vision As A Yoga Instructor In Sight

How To Keep Your Vision As A Yoga Instructor In Sight

1. Start with the WHY?

Why do you want to build a yoga career? What is in it for you? How is being a yoga teacher a path for you to share your unique brilliance? Why did you choose yoga? What is your purpose? What is the vision you hold sacred in the deepest chamber of your heart?

2. Create a community.

Now that you know your `why’, how are you going to share this vision with your community? How do you want to convey your message? This could be through a series of blog posts, a short video on your website, guest posts on other blogs, in your yoga classes, through networking, and a number of other things. Making your voice heard in order to get your message out into the world takes work and a variety of methods.

Once you have a vision and message, come up with a list of 10 ideas to spread the word. Then start taking action.

How To Keep Your Vision As A Yoga Instructor In Sight

3. Make the time to take action.

You’ve gotten clear about your vision, you’ve created a list of ways to spread your vision to your community, now start taking action!

“I don’t have any time.”

This is the most common complaint from new yoga teachers and business owners. While we all feel this way, especially in the beginning, but the difference between unsuccessful people and successful people is the difference between thinking and doing and to DO, you have to make the time. When you make the time and space to work on your big ideas, you make time and space for growth. The Universe supports us in our dreams and goals, but only when we are willing to do the work!

4. Let your vision be your roadmap.

Remember to use your vision as the foundation that aligns your decisions and actions. It is your roadmap to success. If you remain true to yourself and persevere, big things will happen. It may take time, but your community will grow.

How To Keep Your Vision As A Yoga Instructor In Sight
Take the time to go deep into what you want. Write it down, every detail. Pin it up on your fridge or your bathroom mirror so that you are constantly reminded.

Successful yoga instructors ask themselves this one simple question,

“Where do I want to go in life and what do I need to do to make it happen?”

They get clear, they make the choice and then they go for it!

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Are you a yoga instructor? How do you keep your vision in sight and successfully grow your yoga business?

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Your Vision Matters

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