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Blue Osa Yoga || Curate Your yoga package in Costa Rica

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Throughout the year at Blue Osa, we are fortunate to host a variety of yoga retreats! Leading these Costa Rica yoga retreats are exceptional yoga teachers from around the world. We invite you to be a part of one of these renowned yoga teachers retreats.

The retreats are all-inclusive providing eco-chic accommodations, and healthy farm-to-table cuisine. You also have the options of luxuriating with spa services. Jump on eco-tour adventures. Or you may just want to relax daily by our chlorine-free pool.

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Blue Osa Yoga || Curate Your yoga package in Costa Rica

Yoga Teacher Training

Step outside of your daily routine and onto the beach for a deeply transformative learning experience of a lifetime. Blue Osa hosts several yoga teacher trainings a year. Immerse yourself into a yoga teacher training program on the beach in Costa Rica!

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Your busy life can leave you feeling disconnected, burnt-out, and distracted. Maybe you haven’t had time to slow down and explore important life questions. Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed by the stresses of your daily routine. Or maybe you’re struggling to keep your body strong, mobile, and agile.

Maybe you need a beach yoga retreat.

Whether you’re looking to relax or to make a positive change in your life, Blue Osa believes yoga—in any environment—makes you happy, healthy, and whole. But yoga on the beach? That’s an entirely new level of peace and tranquility.

Our beachfront yoga retreats are the perfect escape. They promote healing and the development of inner awareness. They allow for mindful reflection. And they help build a foundation for a healthier lifestyle—all far away from the constant distractions of your hectic life.

The ocean waves. The crisp, clean air. The sand between your toes. It’s like a dream vacation that benefits you on a deeper level.

Because this is where you heal your mind, your body, and your soul. Book your private beach yoga retreat today and prepare for the Blue Osa experience