1O Reasons Why A Yoga Retreat Will Change Your Life

I arrived at Blue Osa yesterday, and from the moment I set foot through the front door, I was blown away. Set deep in the beautiful Osa Peninsula there are simply too many reasons why you need to be here. Here’s just 10 of them:

Why You Should Go On A Yoga Retreat To Blue Osa: 10 Reasons

1. Yoga

Blue Osa is first and foremost a Yoga retreat boasting wonderful facilities for yoga and private meditation. It caters for yogis of all levels, something I can personally attest to being a complete novice. I thought downward facing dog was that embarrassing thing your pet pooch always seemed to save for when you had company over. From the moment you wake to an enforced silence that lasts until 07.30 am, your day is specially tailored for you to by whichever Yoga instructor is taking classes that day. Blue Osa welcomes different instructors from different retreats every week, which in turn provides an exciting opportunity to sample yoga in its many forms and teachings. In my first week here I attended yoga workshops in the morning, a restorative and Yoga Nidra class in the evening, practiced my breathing technique on the beach (Pranayama), and meditated around a bonfire. We even had a highly respected Tibetan Monk who held daily talks on Dharma teachings and meditation!

2. The Beach

It’s one of the first things you’re likely to want to do once you arrive and you find the little cobbled path that leads down to Blue Osa’s magnificent private beach. At close to 5 and a half miles from one end to the other and back, it’s a beautiful venue for an early morning run at low tide before you hit your mat, or to use those warmed up muscles once you’ve finished a class. If you just want to relax and enjoy some sunbathing, make sure you cream up before you go exploring!

3. The Food

Gluten Free Lemon Mint Shortbread Cookies Baked

Blue Osa prides itself on the high quality, delicious, fresh food its chefs produce seven days a week using fresh ingredients, of which most are grown onsite. The experience is as close to ‘Farm to table’ as you can get, and with an ever expanding garden, the food will only get better. Incorporating mostly vegetarian options but often with a fish or meat dish in the evening, meal times are served in buffet form. Meal times depend on the groups we have staying with us but will normally take the form of two snacks and two main meals, or three main meals a day. Fruit is available all day.

4. The Bar

Osa Peninsula - Aug 2014

Blue Osa is the perfect place to detox and gorge yourself on fresh, healthy food bursting with nutrients, but they certainly don’t scrimp on the glass sitting next to your plate. Sometimes a glass of wine or a cocktail can compliment that perfect sunset just as much as any a meal. With a comprehensive wine list and a daily cocktail as well as ice cold bottles of beer for those frequent hot Costa Rican afternoons, your libation needs are taken care of. If alcohol isn’t your thing or you need your chakra cleansed, then a list of delicious, freshly prepared smoothies are ready for your perusal along with complimentary coffee and a range of herbal teas.

5. The Animals

Who needs an alarm clock when you can be woken by the haunting call of the Howler Monkey? Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula accounts for just over 2% of the planets biodiversity. What the hell is Biodiversity I hear you ask? Well, in short, if you lined up every different kind of species e.g. monkey, crocodile, spider, snake or bird, then totted up the different breeds i.e. Spider or Howler Monkey. The Osa has 2% of every kind of animal and plant known to man. There are four different types of monkey alone down here! On my first trip to the beach I saw four red-tailed Macaw parrots. From bugs to sloths, spiders to snakes, the wildlife here is beautiful, varied and in huge supply!

6. Relaxation of Body and Mind (Spa)

Blue Osa Pool

Imagine being cocooned in chocolate, or pampering your tired feet with a soothing reflexology massage. How’s treating your skin to an invigorating full body soft coconut and orange scrub sound? If you like the sound of this, then stop dreaming and DO! With a comprehensive list of massages, facials, body scrubs and wraps on offer there is no end to your relaxation options. The only stress involved is deciding which one to choose, and Blue Osa’s Spa has even made this easy by combining the experiences into a number of tempting packages. Lie down or put your feet up, and allow Blue Osa’s highly trained therapists to work their magic!

7. Furry Friends

One-Month Immersion Yoga Teacher Training Costa Rica

What else can possibly make a place feel more like home than a pet? Here at Blue Osa we have 7 of them! Four cats and three dogs – each with their very own distinct personalities. Team Feline consists of master hunter Suka, the brothers; escape artist Mike and Max, who just can’t say no to a cuddle, and Mirabelle – the ever hungry and increasingly rotund, pampered puss! Our Canine club, who also double up as my morning run buddies, are led by the soulful, yet hard-headed Rama, who keeps our other two pooches, the ever-smiling water baby Pete, and our newest recruit cheeky chappy Sam, in line. Suka and Marybelle found Blue Osa all by themselves when they wandered in on their own accord, while Sam was recently rescued from The Land of Strays a stray dog ranch, and brought home to become part of the family. Living amongst, and sharing your day in the company of these guys is a reward all in itself!

8. Staff

Blue Osa Staff

From the moment you walk through their doors, Blue Osa’s staff are there to help you relax. Managers, Michael and Jorge, are always around and willing to help you. On arrival, I realized I had stupidly left my passport on the domestic flight. Jorge returned it to me the following day. I didn’t even have to lift a finger! The friendly Kitchen and Housecleaning staff are more than happy to help if you have any food allergies, or you require clean towels or their laundry service. All you need to do is ask!

9. Exercise

January fitness challenge

Yoga is a perfect way to exercise both the body and the mind, but, if like me you’re greedy for endorphins and you need a little something extra to get a good sweat going, then rest easy in the knowledge that Blue Osa has got you covered! As I mentioned earlier, a run on the beach at low tide can offer a good 5 miles from one end to the other and back, whilst any guest looking for an upper body workout can use the outside gym for a punishing set of pull ups, chin ups and tricep dips. Want to cool down? Why not dive into the pool for a few lengths?

10. It’s Absolutely Beautiful!

Lush green gardens, pink flower-covered walkways, and exotic Balinese-esque jungle décor all surrounded by thick jungle. Blue Osa is the ultimate package. Never have I spent time in such opulent surroundings and been made to feel so completely at home! You owe it to yourself to find out what Blue Osa can mean to you.

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