Why You Don’t Need Underwear in Costa Rica

By Sarah Barnes


As the sweat begins to pool on my upper lip, I think to myself – “I’m a Texan, this is ridiculous!”


The amount of sweat that I am producing since I moved to Costa Rica seems unreal after living in the desert that is the Texas coast for the majority of my life.


One thing my scattered packing brain forgot to factor into the equation though is the increased level of humidity that comes with living in a rainforest. Whoops.


Why You Don’t Need Underwear in Costa Rica


Why You Don’t Need Underwear In Costa Rica


To be fair, I had gentle warnings from Aaron’s packing list that he graciously sent over very early on before I could even fathom putting clothes into a bag.


Paying no attention to the list’s blunt instructions that delineate underwear really isn’t a necessity and a pair or two will suffice– I pack 14 pairs. This makes total and utter sense in my conservative professional brain. I’m a lady y’all, sheesh!


Arriving at the San Jose airport I make my way over to the Nature Air counter to check in for my flight to Puerto Jimenez. I know full well that my bag is over the allotted weight, thanks a lot cotton pants and 12 days’ worth of lacy underwear, which comes along with my ticket, but I plop my luggage upon the scale regardless.


I contemplate handing out free pairs of underwear to stranded or delayed passengers, but instead I pay the extra fee to be able to take my bag with me and saunter on to my next flight.


Why You Don't Need Underwear in Costa Rica Packing for your vacation


I’ve arrived in Puerto Jimenez, disembarking from the plane I can already feel the sweat rolling down my back and crotch and instantly regret wearing jeans let alone underwear.


But the excitement of starting my new volunteer life at Blue Osa temporarily distracts me from the possibility that I look like I might have peed my pants. Moving on!


Why You Don't Need Underwear in Costa Rica naked on a beach freedom


As the days roll on and I become situated into life at Blue Osa, my morning routine still involves rolling out of bed, picking up the most suited color panties and staggering out of bed to take in the view and a deep pull on my morning coffee.

As the sun welcomes the day, my level of “feeling fresh” soon fades and I realize I am barely 15 minutes into the day.


Eventually, one Monday reveals itself as judgement day. Although I am hesitant to ditch my underoos, I slip on my yoga pants – sans my dignity, and over the next two months realize the following reasons you TRULY do not need underwear whilst living in the rainforests of Costa Rica.


  • Humidity levels hover around what feels like 100%, which make you feel like you’re walking through water everyday
  • Rainy season = wet undie season — 24/7.
  • Pantie lines still exist in the jungle and worse…the macaws laugh at you every day.
  • Your lady/man parts will thank you when a cool breeze only has one layer to pass through.
  • One less place for sand to get stuck in – Hurray!


Why You Don't Need Underwear in Costa Rica Sunset at the beach


So take it from me, the underwear buff, leave the laces, g-strings, thongs, boxers and briefs at home. You’ll be more comfortable and it will allow you a level of freedom you may never have experienced before.


Want to experience the underwear free lifestyle? Come visit Blue Osa!


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About the Author

Sarah Barnes Modern Warrior YogaSarah Barnes is a level 200 Registered Yoga Teacher, photographer, writer/blogger, communications professional and owner of Modern Warrior Yoga. Sarah is an alumni of Texas Tech University where she graduated with International Business and a Photo Communications degrees. She recently left her job as the lead spokesperson for Sherwin Alumina Company to explore the world and is currently volunteering at Blue Osa as a blogger, photographer and yoga instructor.

Follow Sarah her journey and adventures in Costa Rica!
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