Roots And Wings: Why The Foundation Is Crucial To Yoga

Roots and Wings…

Could this be referring to yet another new restaurant chain? Not hardly.

It does, however, refer to the substance and spice of life and a perfect starting point.

When I was a ‘grown up’ and left home on my first extended journey my mom said,
“you are ready for this; Dad and I have given you roots and wings”.




The magnitude of what the expression meant really came to fruition when I started doing yoga as I realized how important a strong foundation; a root system really is!

My mom’s roots and wings comment provide an ongoing literal and figurative reference for me. Remembering where I came from and the support system that would always be there for me as I take flight …wherever I may journey. Whether an hour, a day, a week or an extended adventure “roots and wings” are my virtual ticket to hold ever so close to my personal success and comfort as I move forward.

‘Root down into the earth’ my yoga teacher would say and each time I sweep my arms up high above my head into a Sun Salute the expression of my youth continues to resonate.

Sun Salutation

As a nature lover I recently had the great fortune to visit the Osa Peninsula; and among many other amazing places, it is home to …the rainforest by the sea. The rainforest, dense with an incredible variety of trees also provides a variety of root systems too; some broad and some quite deep. The broad roots like giant outstretched arms provide a safe haven of support in case the tree should fall. The large buttresses brace it as it falls gently to the earth. The deep roots provide a rock solid foundation for building…anything! As the roots stretch further and further deep into the earth they secure the trunk giving way for the branches to ascend well into the jungle canopy, strong and steady towards the sun’s rays as they peek through the trees.

The Rainforest is an eco-system extraordinaire and quite self-sustaining…as a tree falls it remains there delivering nutrients and providing new growth and renewed life.

As I rooted down into the “earth” on the 4 corners of my feet during morning yoga at Blue Osa, an incredible Yoga Resort situated on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica I was quite conscious I was practicing right next door to the jungle…the rainforest called; Corcovado. I truly was able to envision the support of the strong root system beneath my feet. The feet; our body’s very foundation…a foundation that at the very least needs to be able to support our limbs and our wings as we reach out and up into the world on our journey called life.

Ever see houses that are built in the sand at the water’s edge, without a real foundation? Over time, the limbs of the house slowly splinter, break and slip away into the sea; as the foundation begins to fail so the very house goes the same way.




Roots provide strength and stability for the trunk to establish itself and branch out giving safe haven to the structures and its view beyond.

Wings like branches are incredible appendages both big and small that provide balance for the trees supportive ability.

The tree is a beautiful analogy for my mom’s expression of love; she was “letting go” in her own way but reminded me I had all that I needed to fly…right inside of me. With a strong foundation, I was ready to go!

Whether standing in or sitting criss cross applesauce (aka sukasana) it really is about the foundation of our postures. In yoga practice, “root down”, “feel the earth beneath your feet or sit bones’ remind us to be mindful of our very own foundation as the roots they offer the support for everything else to literally stem from it.

When we begin to study a topic the foundation is often referred to as ‘the basics”…it is these basics that provide the very springboard to move forward. “Basic” however is a bit of a misnomer given the criticality of one’s foundation; their roots.

We can hang out and hover, just skim the surface or we can settle in, root down and gain a solid footing to take us through more challenging poses.

Life’s Challenges

Often when life brings us challenges we look to our family, our quintessential root system for answers and support-albeit sometimes assigning blame to the very foundation we grew up with. For better or for worse our foundation, our roots literally provide solid system for growth and development, even with the introspection and modifications that need to be made to maximize the support….Similarly, we have our feet in yoga.

Join us at Blue Osa Eco Yoga Resort and Spa. Your time at Blue Osa will be supported by ‘farm to table’ cuisine from the glorious and growing garden right on site to practicing yoga in the trees overlooking a beautiful bay off the Pacific Ocean. The amazing staff, hospitality, and attention to every detail will surely stabilize and reinforce your personal foundation giving you the momentum to fly!


Taking flight


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Why The Foundation Is Crucial To Yoga

About The Author

susie bio
True yin and yang, Susi is a nature lover and tech geek. Primarily an IT Consultant, whose passion for the rainforest launched her adjunct career as a Wildlife Educator for young
children. Programs follow a ‘no apps’ needed mission statement helping children
embrace the world of nature sans screen.

Susi recently launched a socially conscious bag company, SolB as the
Designer and Founder. Different styles of bags for all kinds of adventures from
yoga mat carriers, water bottles to small pet carriers.

Almost anything outdoors is on Susi’s hobby list, particularly in the warmer
weather. Yoga, kayaking, and movies are favorites, and of course, traveling to
towns near and far, both solo and with family. Even a trip around the corner, down a different road, can be an adventure!

“Grateful for an amazing diverse journey in life thus far. I look forward to continuing to live
life and meet its challenges head on.”

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things do than those you did, so cut off the bowlines sail away from safe harbor. Explore. Dream. Discover. ”
M. Twain



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