The Wedding Of Jonathan And Kelly At Blue Osa

There were no wedding plans on the horizon when Jonathan and Kelly vacationed at Blue Osa in 2012. Jon and Kelly joked that a destination wedding at Blue Osa would be an awesome choice (someday).

December 2016. The couple returned to Blue Osa for their destination wedding. Twenty-eight family members and friends join them for the 7-day celebration. “When we realized the cost for 7-days with our guest was comparable to a one-day back home, we knew this is what we wanted,” Jon said.


The bride appeared calm and relaxed. Kelly did not exhibit the bridezilla tendencies which come so close to the wedding. Kelly did admit to being a little anxious before she arrived from the States. “Now that we are here. I am more relaxed,” she laughed.

Yogi Aaron spent months in communication with the couple and wedding planner. “Aaron was awesome when it came to helping us arrange for the wedding,” Kelly said.

The guest spent the first evening gathered in the open air lounge to enjoy cocktails and dinner.
Jon and Kelly are a physically active couple. Working out together every morning. “We used to run, now we do cross fit and of course yoga.

Jelly Gym

Right after breakfast on Saturday Jon, Kelly and a group of friends suited up to work out. In shorts, tanks and sneakers the party headed for Blue Osa’s outdoor gym. First stretching and lunges. Then working the exercise bars after which they jogged around the pool. Repeating the sequence between 8-12 times.

Blue Osa Gym

Here guest preferred relaxing on the deck overlooking the ocean. Or walking along the long stretch of Blue Osa’ private beach.

Later, the group had a two-hour yoga session with instructor Alexandros Liatsos.

alex class squat - Copy - Copy

The ladies took advantage of the spa with facials or massages. While the gentlemen take a ride to check out the small town of Puerto Jimenez.

Dinner was a relax fare. Cocktails, talking, joking, music.

The Wedding Day


Es un dia maravilloso por una boda en Costa Rica. The sun is hot in the clear blue sky. The early morning is still except for the sound of the waves landing up the shore. The empty beach is the perfect place to sit and be quiet before the day’s festivities begin.

The Wedding

Blue skies and the scent of the ocean filled the air. The soft music wafted with the sound of the waves. Blue Osa’s second-floor open-air yoga studio which overlooks the lush green gardens with labyrinth was transformed for the wedding. Complete with arch and rose petals. and the sandy beach not far off. Soft music mixed with the sounds of the ocean waves where Jon stood waiting for his bride.


Destination Wedding In Costa Rica Blue Osa


Chrissey – May the long time sun stay upon you
Kyla – Congratulations! I am so happy for you
Caralie – Wishing yo lots of love and fun adventures
Heather – I wish you a live time of happiness
Emily – I know you will last forever and always. Merry Christmas!
Liam – Jelly, please can you move to England tomorrow. Love U Lots.
David – Live, love but most important love and be happy.
Jay – Congratulations. Best of Luck.
Conrad – I’ve no doubt your marriage will be a paradise like the location.
Deej and Kari – Congratulations. Thank you for including us in this magically experience. Love U.
Jeff – Love and happiness forever and ever
Benjamin – To years of happiness and success and may the earth continent bless you on your journey.
Dad – I wish you lots of love. A lifetime of love together.
Jack – Congratulations to the perfect couple. All my love Jack.
Kevin – Live the high life.
Tiffany – “Go out and set the world aflame”
Tap – Cherish the time you have together. Continue to strive to be together.
Don and Jeanne – Congratulations Jon and Kelly on this wonderful wedding day. We are so happy for you and wish you all the love and happiness. Live long and prosper. Don’t forget to ski with Greg and I this winter. Love Don and Jeanne

Going Home

The Lights and candles gone.

“Our seven-day destination wedding was perfect. But it happened so fast,” the couple shared. “What we really liked about choosing a destination wedding is the time we were able to share with our friends and family. Instead of one whirled wind day we were able to spend the days before and after the wedding enjoying our guests as well as time on our own.” “This was great for me since most of the wedding day was a blur. I worried whether everything was alright,” said Kelly. “But everything was magical.” “Special and Love-filled. The entire experience turned out great,” Jon added. When asked, what would you tell other couples considering a destination wedding? “Do it, the couple chimed in unison.”

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About The Author

kemahK. Kemah Wilson is a blogger and inspirational writer. Originally from Massachusetts in the United States, Kemah travels throughout the states for her inspiration and spiritual growth. Writing for the Blue Osa blog is her first visit outside the U.S. “People and our individual and collective experiences are where I gather information and ideas for the topics I choose to write,” states Kemah. “My writing gives voice to those experiences.”
Kemah aspires to start her own spiritual blog in the near future. Reaching out to individuals seeking rest and refuge through her writing.


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