The Best Yoga Studio In Costa Rica

With the Blue Osa yoga studio, we’ve created a space where transformation happens naturally.

A space that’s rightfully the centerpiece of our eco-resort – and the best yoga studio in Costa Rica.

Its open-air design provides inspiring, tree-top views of the Osa’s incredible biodiversity: the Golfo Dulce. Lush greenery.

Playful howler monkeys and brilliantly-colored scarlet macaws.

The benefits of meditation

All of the sounds that come with this paradise where the rainforest meets the sea–the hum of crashing waves, the chatter of the birds–create a perfect accompaniment for listening within. You’ll find, too, the ever-present ocean breeze is as welcome as the sights and sounds below.

Crafted largely of teak (teca), one of Costa Rica’s renewable resources, with steel beams and soaring ceilings, this is the perfect space for yoga, including acro yoga and aerial yoga, dancing, painting, fitness classes. The design is as thoughtful and functional as it is beautiful.

But don’t take our word for it; see what others have to say about this special place that makes this the best yoga studio in Costa Rica:

“There could not have been an even more perfect location for inspiring creativity and connecting to Costa Rica’s vibrant life force. I appreciate the clear intention that Adam and Aaron set for this place; it’s a good fit for my brand and business.”
– Melissa D’Antoni, Founder and Director, Fire Tree Studios, Austin, Texas

“Practicing in Blue Osa’s yoga studio feels like coming home.”
-Jordanna Dworkin, Owner, InTouch SF

7 mind blowing facts about yoga

“Very early in the morning insects are buzzing, humming and clicking and the howler monkeys are like roosters groaning at the emerging dawn. The sun, not yet over the horizon, makes the sky lighter as the gentle waves of the gulf set a rhythm. Soon the insect sounds change to bird calls. The yoga studio is open to all this nature as I practice pranayama and then sun salutations.”
– Brette Popper, Publisher and Founder,YogaCity NYC

“When you step into Blue Osa, you feel the tranquillity and connection of this blessed place. Blue Osa’s studio is divine sacred ground intensified. I cannot think of a better place to deepen, practice and grow.”
– Susan Smith, Founder/CEO, ONE Yoga, Wilmington, Delaware

Experience Yoga At Blue Osa For Yourself!

Of course, the best way to experience Blue Osa’s magical yoga studio is to visit the space for yourself! We offer numerous group and private yoga retreats at Blue Osa year-round in Costa Rica.

A yoga studio offering the perfect yoga experience for everyone.


Whether you want to receive guidance from world-renowned yoga teachers with other students from all corners of the globe, or you prefer to work on your practice as an individual, you can rest assured that Blue Osa Yoga Retreat + Spa will be here for you. After all, we didn’t become the best yoga studio in Costa Rica without working overtime to ensure our students have the experience of a lifetime!

Have you been to Costa Rica? Where is the best yoga studio you have ever been in?

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The Best Yoga Studio In Costa Rica


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