7 Healing Benefits of Chakra Alignment

Chakra alignment plays a crucial role in the success of our life.

If your chakras are not aligned, the chances are that you will feel burnt out, have little motivation, and communication with others will require more energy.

We can remove our energetic internal system blockages through chakra alignment practices, therefore becoming more aligned in our lives.

There are many benefits of chakra balancing and alignment. It leads to better communication with others, an increased feeling of indomitable willpower, and clarity in life purpose.

Does this sound like something you would like to experience more of in your life? Join our yoga teacher training program to uncover a deeper understanding of how to align your chakras.

The Importance of Chakra Healing and Alignment

7 Implications of Chakra Alignment You Need to Know | Chakra | Blue Osa Yoga Retreat

According to the tantric teachings, everything is energy.

The universe is energy. This is a simple fact, taught to us in schools as youngsters.

Whereas that energy works and how interlinked our inner and outer worlds are escapes the academic curriculum. Science has not caught up with calculating the extent to which energetic misalignments can affect our daily lives.

Did you know that ancient mystics mapped out the energetic body more than 5,000 years before science did? Today we call it the nervous system. And what is the nervous system? A series of energetic pulses undulating through our bodies.

Through chakra work and yoga practices, we can influence these electrical currents. This ultimate means we can positvely impact our physical and mental health.

Chakras are The Wheels of Energy

As an adult, I’ve always insisted on living alone – or at least, if that was not possible – I would create my own energy space. My alone time was and is part of my self-care.

Living alone is something that makes me feel whole and energized after being around people. My alone time sustains and nourishes me energetically. For you, it could be different. Maybe spending the majority of time around people is what you need.

Doing Chakra work is about learning to tune in and ask yourself, “What do I really need at this moment?” And this takes work, because so many of us are conditioned to give ourselves what we want, versus what we actually need.

Spending quiet time alone refines our innner senses and atunes our awareness to our higher needs.

Whether we are aware of this or not, our bodies and minds are very much influenced by our energy and the energy of others.

The body is our vessel. It is the vehicle for our mind and spirit. Vehicles need maintenance. But so does our spirit that resides in this vehicle.

How can we expect to function like a well-oiled machine, if we let ourselves get all rusty?

Giving the necessary attention to our spiritual body is essential for a peaceful, fulfilling, and enlightening experience.

Chakra Alignment Will Help You Stay Receptive to the Eternal Life Force

7 Implications of Chakra Alignment You Need to Know | Chakra Alignement | Blue Osa Yoga Retreat

The energy centers exist in a different realm to our physical bodies. Our mind, which is the tip of our consciousness, tries to bring awareness to these centers in the physical realm.

Let’s think of your physical makeup. When you get a cut on your finger, or you catch a cold – your physical body starts to produce antibodies and red blood cells to fix you right up.

But the physical body cannot do that for your spirit, as it exists in the physical realm. The energy centers exist in what is known as the subtle body – the psycho-spiritual plane of existence.

So, how do we take care of the imbalances and encourage our energy healer to get to work?

We might find ourselves craving chamomile tea, or need to take off our shoes and walk barefoot. These kinds of intuitive behaviors help us rebalance and realign.

As the human experience goes, the ego is louder than intuition. The mind can be clouded with an external stimulus.

So, unblocking our energy centers and realigning our chakras is something we need to work on intentionally .

We have to put extra care and practice to take care of our chakras (energy centers) without our physical body naturally doing it for us.

What Does Chakra Alignment Do?

7 Implications of Chakra Alignment You Need to Know | Balance your Chakras | Blue Osa Yoga Retreat.jpg

What happens when we are aware of the need to balance our chakras? What happens when we are intentional about the realignment of our energy centers? Here’s why you should learn how to align your chakras.

1. Nothing Can Uproot You Too Much

Seeking outside approval and feeling insecure about your life trajectory stems from your lack of feeling grounded.

The distrust in our inner knowledge can often lead us into some questionable, if not worse, energy-depleting situations.

As a result, we fall off from our true path. It starts to look more like a slackline being walked by an imitator trapeze artist, juggling bags of grief, trauma, and insecurity.

But when we unblock the root chakra and align ourselves, we feel nourished from within rather than out.

It is much harder to throw you out of balance when you affirm “I am rooted, I am strong.”

2. Release Your Inner Godliness And Thrive

When our sacral chakra is out of balance, our interrelations and creativity become stunted.

You are a born creator. The orange sacral chakra is very much representative of that notion.

Experiencing a block in this area of our being has become almost a practice by many societies.

We are told:

Not everyone is creative.

Your sexuality is wrong.

You need to find a life companion before you are 30. Otherwise, it’s too late.

When we start to pay attention to these external beliefs, we can stop internalizing them.

As a result, we begin to thrive in our relationships and live our lives more fully.

Connecting with Your True Self How Positive Affirmations Can Change Your Life | How to be happy | Blue Osa Yoga Retreat

3. Live Your Life’s Purpose

Have you ever felt disconnected from yourself? Are you sitting in this skin and bone vehicle, but not as the driver, as the passenger with no idea where you’re headed?

Not knowing who you are or where you’re supposed to be is nothing to be ashamed of. The physical body often influences the identity we hold up in the physical world.

We don’t choose our parents, we don’t choose the location we are born, and we certainly don’t choose this body’s appearance.

Our solar plexus chakra gets misaligned when we start to identify ourselves with something we are not.

Keep in check the way you speak to yourself. Are you kind to yourself?

When you start to notice self-talk like: “

Why are you not smart like her?”

You’re not as successful as them.

Why do I still not have any idea what I want to do in life?

What’s wrong with me?This is a sign that you need to pay attention to your spiritual alignment.

Bee Bosnak

4. Align Your Inner World With The Outer World

Nature is what keeps our planet alive and brimming with vitality.

It only makes sense for our inner being’s heart chakra to be associated with the color green. Just like nature, our heart is what keeps us alive and healthy.

When our inner world is in tune with our external world, we can be fully receptive to the universe’s energy.

Without any blockages in our chakra systems, this energy can flow freely through us.

Consequently, we become healthier beings. Illnesses, mental or physical, cannot throw us out of balance. When we have a stable chakra energy center, we are nourished from the inside out, not from the outside in.

5. Create Your Reality By Speaking Truth

There are times in our lives when we get in our way. When we fear judgment, when we are not honest about what we want, when we neglect to talk about things that bother us, we create a block within ourselves .

As a result, we stunt our growth; we limit our possibilities and compromise our happiness.

There is hidden magic in being able to speak freely.

Our voice is a powerful tool in creating our reality.

Therefore, speak with love and speak truth. Speak only about those things you know to be true and have knowledge of.

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Connecting with Your True Self How Positive Affirmations Can Change Your Life | How to change your thoughts | Blue Osa Yoga Retreat

6. Tap Into Your Physic Vision And Make Decisions With Intuition

Have you ever found yourself saying, “I knew this was going to happen!” when something doesn’t work out in your best interest? That’s usually because your intuition warned you, but you just didn’t listen.

How would you like to lead your life by always making the best choices for you? Rather than saying “Well, I knew this was going to happen ,” actually stop the things that do not serve you from happening.

Our third eye chakra becomes blocked when we do not trust in ourselves when we do not listen to that inner voice . And our inner voice is always right. That voice always knows what is best for you.

Let your intuition guide you, and you can unlock the superpower of foresight rather than hindsight.

7 Implications of Chakra Alignment You Need to Know | Energy Center | Blue Osa Yoga Retreat.jpg

7. Connect With Your Higher Self And The Spiritual Realm

We have already mentioned that everything in this world is energy.

There is always a current of energy from the universe that is ready to flow to us, and through us, all we need to do is be receptive to it.

Connecting to everything that exists in the universe is to connect with the unlimited energy source .

Having all the parts in our self, the mind, the body, and the spirit, in alignment, is the true meaning of the path of least resistance.

When you get in line with that flow, you can begin to experience love, joy, clarity again in your life.

It is a state of general wellbeing and peace. In balance, we are functioning at the most optimal level.


Beyond Resistance And Suffering

When a chakra is out of balance, we may experience sufferings such as mental and physical illnesses. This suffering can spread to other areas of our lives giving us the experience of having to struggel more.

Our consciousness is spread across this system of the seven chakras. When chakras are aligned and opened, we experience a state of harmony and peace.

When you feel your optimal self, this naturally translates to how you connect with others and the world outside you. You are secure in your purpose, you are honest with yourself and others, and you are connected to everything.

Ask yourself: Am I truly aligned?

What would you do if there was a guarantee you would not fail? If you had the universe backing you every step of the way? What would you do?

Learn How To Maintain Your Alignment Independently

Want to gain a deeper understanding of the chakra system that will lead to a fulfilling and peaceful existence?

At Blue Osa, we can help you achieve chakra alignment through breathing exercises and yoga poses.

Enjoy the inward journey with our online chakra awakening course and become the master of your own life.



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7 Implications of Chakra Alignment You Need to Know | Balance Your Chakras | Blue Osa Yoga Retreat


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