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How to Build Resilience and Build Confidence

How to build Resilience and Build Confidence

We face challenges every day. It is part of the parcel we call life, and unfortunately, it is not something anyone can escape. We often have a hard time dealing with life’s stressors, but it doesn’t have to be this… Read More

Here Are Some Little Things You Can Do To Empower Yourself

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When you think of empowerment, who or what comes to mind? I asked a few yoga friends, and this is what they said: “Superman, the superman pose.” “Autonomy” “The ability to make a decision without restriction.” “Leadership, confidence, representation.” “Elizabeth… Read More

5 Common Fears and How to Overcome Them in Costa Rica

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There is nothing like the feeling of exhilaration, accomplishment, and confidence you get when you finally overcome a long-held fear. And when you do, you get to experience incredible getaways in far off places such as Costa Rica. But it’s… Read More

12 Things Every Solo Female Traveler Needs To Know

Is It Safe For Women To Travel Solo In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the safest countries in the world, and the safest in Latin American. Still, it’s important to follow certain safety precautions everywhere you go, especially when you’re traveling in a foreign country alone. Navigating the world… Read More

How I Accidentally Became Brave

10 Yoga Poses For Upper Back Pain Relief

What is bravery, exactly? How do you boil it down to a phrase that inspires other humans to ask for what they want out of life? Leaps of faith. Bravery to me represents the small leaps of faith I took… Read More