Me Time: Get Away From it All At Blue Osa Costa Rica

Is your soul calling you to get away from it all? Are you dreaming of waking up in a remote corner of the world surrounded by nothing but the sounds of nature and nothing on your agenda except to do whatever will fill your cup up in the moment? Are you looking for clarity, in the middle of a transition, or are you just absolutely exhausted from your daily existence?

Welcome to Blue Osa in the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica, the answer to your dreams!

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“Me Time” At Blue Osa

Most individuals who favor this idyllic and remote region come for a much-needed break from the hectic busyness of their life. Others look forward to reaffirming their personal yoga and meditation practice in a peaceful paradise where they are free from distractions. Because Blue Osa accommodates no more than thirty people, loud crowds are never an issue here.

There are so many scenic sacred spaces in Blue Osa to enjoy and feel as if you are completely alone; maybe even forgetting that there are other guests there with you!

Blue Osa's chemical-free lap pool and Indonesian-style pool deck in Costa Rica.

You may enjoy relaxing in our beautiful, chemical-free pool or napping on the shaded pool deck. You may find yourself taking a stroll on the captivating trail to Blue Osa’s Greenhouse or wandering through the labyrinth garden. You may find a deep connection to your higher self or Ganesh in our Balinese-style meditation temple. Wherever “your favorite spot” might be, you are bound to make early morning viewings of the sunrises on the beach a non-negotiable start to your days here. The options for places to fill up your cup are endless here. Blue Osa is truly the perfect place to rest, reflect, recharge, and invite self-care back into your life. 

Alone Together

Sometimes “me time” literally means you don’t want to talk to anyone, and if that’s where you are, your needs will be fully supported and respected. But sometimes “me time” could just mean taking a break from the people in your life. If you are feeling alone, even when you are surrounded by people, it could be a sign that you are no longer in alignment with some people in your life whether they are friends, family, colleagues or even just strangers in your community. This can leave you feeling very empty, confused, and even depressed. And if you’re experiencing something really significant, like grief or a divorce, you may not want to talk to the people who are closest to you and need an unbiased ear. We understand!

Blue Osa is the perfect place to get clear on what you want your next chapter to look like. A majority of Blue Osa guests and volunteers also find themselves in a period of transition so connecting with someone or even a whole community is definitely an option if you’re open to it.

“I have never met so many like-minded and like-hearted people from all walks of life that can sit down and connect so quickly and on such a deep level with each other. Blue Osa is a vortex for people who need to heal or are in a transition.”

-Ashley (Blue Osa Volunteer)
Silhouette of a woman on the beach stretching her arms behind her back in Costa Rica.

A Time To Go Inward

Even when we take the alone time we need, we can still feel the attachment, impulse or urge to reach for our phone. We want you to experience the liberating experience of not starting off your day scrolling, checking emails or talking to anyone before you’ve had time to go inward.

Every morning at Blue Osa begins with morning silence until 7:30 am. No speaking or scrolling on the phone, no checking emails, no talking to other guests or staff. Just you with yourself. It’s so rare that people have this opportunity to experience silence and to conserve their precious prana until they are ready to share it. What a gift! Some guests love it so much, they choose to take this ritual home with them.

“Blue Osa is not about checking out of life. This place is about checking in – with yourself, your mind, the environment and the present moment.”

-Yogi Aaron
Yogi Aaron standing in front of Blue Osa's lap pool holding his hands in mudra positions in Costa Rica.

Connecting To Your True Self

If you’re seeking “me time”, you’ve probably lost touch with who you are at your core. A great way to reconnect to your truest authentic self is to revisit who you were as a child.

You’ll certainly feel like a kid again when visiting the Osa Peninsula in southern Costa Rica. Living in an environment surrounded by majestic wonder, a place where everywhere you look is filled with beauty will create a child-like excitement within you that you may not have felt in a while. Whether it be the awe-inspiring beauty from mother earth or the ancient Indonesian-style furniture and decor, where each piece seems to have a fantastic story or history behind it, you are sure to be inspired here.

Blue Osa is not just a vacation for your eyes. You’ll feel like you’re in Jurrasic Park the first time you hear the howler monkeys, and there’s a reason for that! Jurrasic Park’s sound team did get their T-Rex roar from howler monkeys and parts of the movie were actually filmed in Costa Rica. And just a child, you’ll be lulled to sleep with the ever-present sound of waves crashing on the beach.

All of these new, vibrant sights and sounds will fill you with life again and when that happens, you will truly feel a connection to your true self, and perhaps something even greater.

Two scarlet macaws perched on a branch in the jungles of Costa Rica.

Healing Powers of Nature

Blue Osa Yoga Retreat and Spa was founded on the Osa Peninsula for a reason. This remote southwest corner of Costa Rica is home to 2.5% of the world’s known terrestrial species of plants and animals and is recognized as one of the most biodiverse places on earth! This is the place to be if you’re looking to be nurtured by nature!

If fully immersing yourself in nature is the very definition of “me time” for you, then look no further and book your dream vacation at Blue Osa right now. Corcovado National Park, the crown jewel of Costa Rica’s national park system, is right down the road from Blue Osa. Corcovado comprises a massive 103,290 acres of tropical rainforest making it the largest of Costa Rica’s parks. It covers about a third of the Osa Peninsula and represents an expansive and diverse population of flora and fauna, including 10% of the mammals found in the Americas.

If you’re wanting to experience the healing powers of nature and mother earth’s jungle creatures but are really needing to rest and not go on adventures, no worries! You will see an abundance of wildlife from anywhere you are on Blue Osa’s bio-diverse, eco property.

The healing qualities of the ocean, the rainforest and their inhabitants have a monumental impact on the personal journeys that occur here. There is something mesmerizing in watching a pair of scarlet macaws soaring above you in a sunlit blue sky. Pelicans diving under the turquoise waves catching surprisingly large fish in their long thin beaks. Vibrant hummingbirds flitting from tropical flower to tropical flower. You may even see dolphins playing or whales surfacing right from Blue Osa’s beach!

Yoga and Meditation

Woman in white tank top and white shorts standing on beach during sunset

Slowing down to assess, appreciate and reclaim our lives is our purpose at Blue Osa. We use yoga and meditation to support us in this process of correlating with our highest and purest selves. You don’t need to be a seasoned yogi, in fact, we have tons of guests who experience their very first yoga class here!

Yoga and meditation help us get clarity on what is working well and where in your life you might choose differently. It helps us reaffirm our beliefs, values, and our visions. When looking for wisdom, guidance or direction, mindful practices like yoga and meditation will absolutely assist you with your mission.

If you are a yogi and you’re specifically looking for the support of a guided or group experience, we invite you to look into one of our upcoming yoga retreats. Blue Osa invites small intimate groups led by world-renowned certified yoga instructors to facilitate life-changing retreats here in paradise. The nature of these retreats still assures individual guests their time of undisturbed silence and solitude while also providing the opportunity to find and build the community you have been longing for.

Taking time out for yourself is the single best thing you can do for your mind, body and spirit. Filling your cup up will positively effect every aspect of your life and we welcome the opportunity to assist you in that well-deserved process in our sacred healing container of Blue Osa.

Whether you decide to come alone, or come as part of a group, you will always be part of Blue Osa’s family. Individually we are restoring our restless souls. Together we can breathe new life into our world.

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