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Content Blocks

Sample Content Block 1

These typically link to another section of the site or can just be supporting content that display in pairs of two. All elements from Heading to Buttons are optional.

Link to Another Page

Sample Content Block 2

This one links to a video. (Click the play button above)

Sample Copy Block

This block type is typically used for page intro copy, but can also be used for long-form copy. It also supports an optional column for buttons to link to either internal pages or external links.

Sample FAQs

How do FAQ Blocks Work?

You have the option to create either groups of FAQs, or a simple list of FAQs.

A Group of FAQs

What's the difference between a group or list?

Not much really… For a group, you give it a heading, and an optional image (as seen here), which will be placed to the right of the “group” of FAQs (as seen on the FAQ page) and that’s pretty much it. Otherwise, you just create your list of FAQs like normal.

What's this "existing" and "new" thing I see in the UI?

“Existing” just means you can select from a list of currently existing FAQs (found in the left column of the admin). You create those like normal pages, where the title is the question and the content is the answer.

“New” allows you to create a unique, one-use FAQ, meaning it only exists on the page you’re creating.

Sample Large Image Block

A Big Beautiful Image

Image blocks can also have content and appear very similar to Galleries. The major difference here, are the features of this block.

You can link to a video, add a caption (which displays below the image block) and add additional info.

Detail info More detail info More detail info, but linked.

This is a caption.

What's Included

Yoga Teacher Doing Yoga Teacher Training | Blue Osa


Yoga Alliance Certification

Yoga Teacher Training Manual

Hands-on teaching experience

Take a flight to the osa peninsula || Blue Osa Yoga Retreat || Skyway


Airport transfer from Puerto Jimenez to Blue Osa and return taxes.

Blue Osa Dessert | Blue Osa


Three delicious farm-to-table meals per day using homegrown, organic ingredients, plus snacks and more to keep you energized and satisfied the whole week long.

Note: This block allows you to select items from the “What’s Included” post type. You can also override the default copy and link label. Oh… and add notes. This is a note.

Quote Blocks

“These are generally used for testimonials. Images are optional.”
— The Dev Team
“Quotes with images, will automatically display quotes and images on opposite sides on each row.”
— The Dev Team again
“Quotes without images will take up the full width of the container.”
— Also the Dev Team
“You also have the option of using a smaller font size for longer quotes. References are also optional. Notice how it doesn't mention the Dev Team below.”

Profile Blocks

Aaron, Founder

Yoga teacher and author of Autobiography Of A Naked Yogi, Aaron leads the Yoga Teacher Training programs at Blue Osa. Aaron has been teaching yoga and leading yoga retreats for close to 30 years. Inspired by his own practice, he guides students to secret and far-flung locales, empowers them to realize their own limitless potential, and makes yoga relevant and accessible for the modern world.... more

Alma, Massage/Spa Therapist

Alma’s passion is to heal people through alternative therapies. She specializes in Reiki, relaxing massages and other techniques to help people achieve a better quality of life on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.... more

The Dogs, Your friends

Our canine resident mascots are a vital part of our harmonious environment. Their fun-loving spirit contributes to the feel, the vitality, the energy and the experience of what is Blue Osa. You will find them eager and willing hosts, happy to greet you when you arrive, Pete, Rama and Fiona enjoy the ocean waves and will keep you company as you stroll our beautiful beach.... more

Table Block

Label | Column 1 | Row 1
Label | Column 1 | Row 2
Title | Column 2 | Row 1
Title | Column 2 | Row 2
Info | Column 2 | Row 3
Info | Column 2 | Row 4
Title | Column 3 | Row 1
Info | Column 3 | Row 2
Info | Column 3 | Row 3
Title | Column 4 | Row 1
Blank | Column 4 | Row 2
Info | Column 4 | Row 3
You Can Keep Going
Pretty much forever
But this is a sample table