Nery is a Puerto Jimenez native who has spent almost a decade working at Blue Osa. She says she loves coming here each day because she gets to do what she loves while working alongside extremely genuine and kind people. Nery says that Blue Osa, along with this part of the Peninsula, is super calm and peaceful. She feels proud and grateful to have raised her two daughters here because it is a very safe place to be. In her free time, Nery loves to relax at home or go for walks with her three dogs. The beaches and the mountains are her favorite part about living in the Golfo Dulce. She loves to spend time outside in order to really bathe in the tranquility of nature that surrounds us here.

“You will notice how different you feel energetically when you’re up in the mountains, it’s so quiet and still”

Because of this, Nery always recommends that guests take advantage of the Matapalo hike that Blue Osa offers. This hike is the best way to get into the mountains and immediately unplug from the rest of the world. In doing so, Nery feels you really get to embrace the silence and magic of this amazing land.