elner blue osa kitchen chef


Elner has lived in the area of Puerto Jimenez his whole life. His love for cooking was ignited after moving out of his family’s house and having to cook on his own. He has worked in the hospitality industry for over 10 years, spending most of his time assisting in the kitchen.

When cooking for his family or friends, Elner loves to cook meat and fish. His favorite dish is buttered chicken “al horno” with tomatoes. With that being said, Elner is inspired and excited by the challenge of cooking up delicious vegan and vegetarian plates for which the Blue Osa menu is best known for.

Elner says that his favorite thing about working in the kitchen is being able to hear the reactions from the guests when they fall in love with a dish.

For Elner, cooking is an art form, and he loves to be creative with meals. Outside of cooking, his passions include playing soccer, running through the nearby mountains, spending time relaxing on the beach, and listening to music.