Aaron, author of “Autobiography Of A Naked Yogi” and teacher for the Yoga Teacher Training Immersions at Blue Osa, has been a student of yoga since 1991 and a teacher since 1997.

Creator of Applied Yoga Anatomy + Muscle Activation™ Yogi Aaron brings three decades worth of study, mentorship, and experience into his teachings, with a strong emphasis on yoga therapy and alignment.

His passion is rooted in a desire for each person to tap into their limitless potential and develop the confidence to embody yoga, both on and off the mat.

He has traveled across the world visiting numerous yoga ashrams and retreat centers, studying with such respected yoga teachers as Alan Finger, Bryan Kest, Genny Kapuler, Rod Stryker, Swami Rama, David Swenson, as well as with numerous spiritual masters in the Himalaya Mountains.

It was during a retreat in Hawaii that Aaron and his longtime student, Adam, first discussed creating “a community that is yoga-based… and where people can heal their spirits.” Aaron wondered: “Can we create a sanctuary where people can come, connect to themselves, reconnect to each other, and then reintegrate through yoga back into their life?”

One year later, they purchased the property in Costa Rica. “Our vision with Blue Osa is that when people are quiet, removed from distractions of everyday life, something magical happens. A deep calling starts to surface, to awaken.”

As Osa’s yoga director and Master Teacher, he believes there are several conditions that human beings need to have in order to find their right paths: “I really want them to be spiritually heated-up. When we get heated we can burn away our ego and our ignorance, which is what stops us from remembering who we are. Second, I want my students to leave feeling good and restored, this comes from a deep remembrance of who they are. Most important—is that they leave feeling a sense of community and fellowship.”  Aaron feels blessed to be a witness to such transformations at Blue Osa.

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