Preparing For Your Blue Osa Vacation

We are so excited to have you visit our little slice of paradise here at Blue Osa!

Blue Osa is an off-the-grid, ocean-jungle, eco-luxe retreat center. Staying with us is a unique experience and usually very different from how you live at home. We’ve compiled a list of essential information to get you ready for your visit. Please review this page in its entirety and let us know if you have any questions.

Please be sure to download our Blue Osa Magazine before you come. In it is our Spa Menu, Tours Menu, and most importantly, the story of how Blue Osa began with photos of what this place looked like before it became the yoga sanctuary that it is right now.

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Yogi Aaron + Adam Dolle

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A Gift From Blue Osa

Meet Yogi Aaron, Blue Osa Owner, who created the AYAMA™ system.

AYAMA™ is an innovative approach to flipping the script on stretching and flexibility while teaching a new yogic approach to master your body and live pain-free. You will learn muscle activation techniques to eliminate pain, decipher body language, understand muscle mechanics, and practice healthy mobility. Master the secrets to living pain-free and embark on a transformative wellness journey! Start your journey today with Yogi Aaron, and get an immediate solution to your pain!

All the things you need to know to prepare for your vacation retreat!

Blue Osa outreach

Blue Osa was built with the intention to support, uplift, and care for the surrounding larger community. To us, this is what being an eco-friendly retreat really means.

Our daily operation impacts over 100+ people and families and our continued obligation to them drive how we do business every day.

All of our employees live locally, our food is purchased from neighboring farms, we have several resident dogs and cats that come from a nearby rescue, and we partner with many small tourism businesses in the surrounding area.

We are proud of the positive impact we have had on our wider community and continue to look for new ways to give back more.

As a Blue Osa guest, you create a significant impact too. Your visit ensures our employees continue to have work to do! Whether you come on a solo vacation or to attend a group yoga retreat, your presence helps us keep our doors open and staff employed. Thank you in advance for making the journey to stay with us!

Join us online before you arrive

Get social with us! Awaken your senses to what you’ll experience when you arrive, connect and be

inspired by a community of like-mind yogis, and tag us in your photos while you’re on vacation with us!

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We invite you to like and join this group where you will learn exactly How to Live a Pain-Free Life with AYAMA

The muscle activation tips Yogi Aaron (Blue Osa Owner) will demonstrate can and will help you decrease your pain and increase your strength.

This group will be an open forum for questions and answers.  All are welcome, especially those who are passionate about becoming active participants in their own health and wellness journey.

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Start practicing with us now at The Yogi Club — for FREE!

We invite you to start practicing yoga with us online now to prepare for your journey to Blue Osa with The Yogi Club by Yogi Aaron!

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You’ll be guided day-by-day through powerful Applied Yoga Anatomy + Muscle Activation™ (AYAMA) practices with Yogi Aaron where you will learn yoga exercises and poses that increase strength, stability, and range of motion in the body while eliminating pain!

Additionally, you can enjoy 100’s of hours of yoga classes, specialty series, in-depth workshops, and more — many filmed in Blue Osa’s beautiful yoga shala or right on our beach!!

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Traveling to Blue Osa

We suggest you work with Blue Osa Travels to help you plan your trip. This will ensure you get to where you need to go in Costa Rica, safely and efficiently. Contact them here.

Blue Osa Travels can:
• Help you with all of your domestic flights.
• Help you book any additional nights you need in San Jose or Puerto Jimenez.
• Book any day trip tours you would like to do in San Jose.

To take advantage of Blue Osa Travel support, please send an email ( and include:

1. Your international travel itinerary. (Please kindly remember that you need to be at Blue Osa NO LATER than 3:00 PM on Saturday.)
2. If you will need any additional nights in San Jose?
3. If you would like to book any tours in San Jose?
4. If you will need us to book any nights for you in Puerto Jimenez.
5. If you need help with any other travel needs in Costa Rica.

Please note: If you book independently or with someone else, Blue Osa Travels will not be able to provide a service to you while you are at Blue Osa.

For more information on traveling to Blue Osa go here:

What should I pack?

Check out this article for our suggestions on what to pack for your trip to Blue Osa. Additionally, keep these things in mind as you select what items to bring:

• We are in the jungle/rainforest — expect humidity and frequent rain if you visit during the green season.
• The Osa Peninsula is characterized by warm, breezy days, with highs between 82 and 92 degrees, and lows in the range of 70-80.
• Wet items can take longer than expected to dry, especially during the green season and/or if the sky is overcast (we do offer laundry service for a fee of $29/load if you need to have your clothes washed and dried).
• Blue Osa offers a guest drying area for clothes and towels.
• Moisture-wicking clothes will dry the quickest and will keep you coolest during our hot, sunny days.
• If you plan to go on excursions, it is recommended to bring shoes that you don’t mind getting wet and that have a good grip. A waterproof or dry bag can also be helpful if you wish to bring your phone/camera along with you while out exploring.
• We do have ants, mosquitos, and other small bugs that can occasionally be an annoyance — pack bug spray!
• We have a small store on-site with some essentials available to purchase and there is a grocery store and pharmacy in town where you can find anything you forgot to pack.
• Blue Osa DOES provide soap, shampoo, towels for the beach and shower + bed sheets. You do not need to bring these items.

Do NOT Bring
• We do not allow hair dryers, flat irons, etc. We are an OFF-Grid resort and do not have the energy to provide energy to these devices. Using these devices will cause damage to our sensitive system. (If you are interested in learning more, please click here.)
• Snacks that are left out in the open. Any food you bring will attract animals. If you do bring any snacks, please double bag it in ziplocks.

How much baggage can I bring?

This depends upon the carrier you fly. The general rule is a 30-pound baggage limit enforced on the “in-country” flight to/from Blue Osa. Baggage over 30 pounds will incur a surcharge, so pack light! Besides, how much clothing does a person really need in the tropics?

If you need more clarity, please double-check with airlines to find out exactly how much weight your baggage can be.

The or Google report told me to expect rain?

We strongly encourage you NOT to check the weather report for Blue Osa (or Costa Rica for that matter) on the internet. It is usually wrong and does not give an accurate picture of what to expect.

Furthermore, as we have said in the other FAQ answers, Blue Osa is in its own microclimate, and there is no accurate reporting on what to expect.

Seriously, we are not kidding.

If you need some historical reference, please see our weather report page.

Accomodations + things to know

Our eco-friendly rooms are designed to honor nature, preserve energy, and give you a serene and beautiful place to rest your head after a fun day exploring. Most rooms feature an “open-air” design that supports increased airflow that helps to keep the rooms naturally cool. In lieu of this please be aware:

1. Rooms are equipped with ceiling fans, but there is no air-conditioning.

2. On occasion, you may see bugs in your room (ants, moths, spiders, etc.).
• Please alert our staff if you need assistance removing an insect from your room
• Mosquito nets for your bed are available upon request.
• Do not leave food out in your room. (We promise that the bugs will come!) If you bring snacks to your room, they must be in an airtight container.

3. Due to living in the rainforest, high humidity is common.
• This means your sheets may feel damp some nights and your towels may not dry after use (especially if there has recently been a lot of rain).
• Please hang your towel to dry.
• We are an eco-resort and ask that guests try to re-use their towels for 2 – 3 days before needing a new one.
• When you need a new towel, leave it on your floor and housekeeping will leave you new dry ones.
• Your bed will be made and your room cleaned daily by housekeeping during your stay. To conserve water and energy we only change your sheets during your week-stay if you request this.

Daily Schedule + Blue Osa Rituals

Here is a sample of our daily schedule. Exact times may vary depending on current retreats or trainings occuring.

5:00am | Coffee + Tea is available
7:30am | Morning Silence
7:30 – 8:30am | Breakfast
12:30 – 1:30pm | Lunch
4:00 – 5:00pm | Yoga
6:30 – 7:30pm | Dinner
7:30pm | Pool Closes
9:00pm | Quiet Hours

A bit more about our daily schedule + rituals: (Check out this article to read about our daily Blue Osa rituals.)

• Morning Silence
Our days begin with morning silence to provide all guests with an opportunity to have a meditative, reflective start to their day. A sacred Himalayan prayer is played throughout Blue Osa to signify the completion of morning silence (usually right before or after breakfast). Check out this article to learn more and hear the chant.

• Breakfast
– Breakfast is typically served 7:30-8:30am.
– To order breakfast you will write down your name and select the food items you’d like on the sheet on the kitchen counter near the tea.
– Breakfast usually includes made-to-order eggs, fruit, granola, and delicious homemade bread. Tea, fruit-infused water, and coffee are also available.

• Lunch
– Lunch is usually served from 12:30-1:30pm (listen for the lunch bell to ring!)
– Lunch is currently being plated. Simply grab a plate and enjoy!

• Dinner
– Dinner is usually served from 6:30-7:30pm.
– Our dinner ritual includes a food presentation by our chefs and a gratitude prayer. (You may find a copy of the prayers here.)

What kind of food is served?

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and supporting local farmers. With this in mind, Blue Osa offers a variety of fresh, farm-to-table vegan/vegetarian meals.

Our typical healthy and delicious Blue Osa cuisine sample menu can be found here.

In catering to the needs of a variety of guests, we do offer eggs for breakfast as well as animal protein three times per week, as well as some recipes with

Blue Osa has a skilled, local culinary team that uses seasonal ingredients to offer a wide assortment of dishes, including traditional and international fare.

Please note that while we do our best to accommodate the individual needs of our guests (including gluten-free options), we cannot customize individual meal requests or Kosher options. Additionally, we are not gluten, dairy, or nut-free kitchen.

Finally, while our portion sizes are large, if you’re concerned about being hungry, we would encourage you to purchase extra snacks for your stay.

Additional Details About Meals:
• We offer mostly vegan/vegetarian meals, but we do serve chicken 3 times/week and eggs at most breakfasts.
• We ask you to clear your own plates and dispose of any leftover food into the labeled compost bin.
• If you are going on an excursion and/or receiving a spa treatment and will not be on time for one of your meals, let our front desk manager know and our kitchen staff will hold your plate for you.
• Coffee, tea, purified water, and snacks (apples, bananas, and house-made breads) are available for free all day long.
• Our Buddha Bar offers smoothies, fresh juices, kombucha, soda, beer, wine, and cocktails for a fee (charged directly to your room).

Do you have internet or phone access? Do you provide computers?

Blue Osa offers a free WiFi service. This service is available in the main lounge area as well as the dining area. Since we practice mindfulness and silence in the mornings, the internet is turned off until 7:30 am.

The internet is also turned off again at dinner from 6:30 until 7:15 pm. We do not have any computers available for use.

While there are no phones in the rooms, guests are more than welcome to make calls at our office. The fee for this service is $2.00/min

International cell phone service here on the Osa can be sketchy, at best. Sometimes some phones will work, sometimes they won’t. We suggest you check with your service provider and ask them specifically about service in Costa Rica.

We do invite you to leave your cell phones and laptops at home and “unplug” from your life while you are on your vacation or retreat. We suggest you take full advantage of this remote paradise to concentrate on the peace and wilderness experience.

Come to disconnect and decompress!


We are happy to help you arrange taxis for your trips to town (about a 30-minute drive each way / 11 km) and for any excursions* you may go on during your stay at Blue Osa.

*Most of Blue Osa’s excursions include the cost of transportation due to the rate/person changing based on the total number of people riding in the taxi to the event.

You can review our tours and fees here.

The Blue Osa Eco-Spa

Our world-class spa offers amazing treatments to help you unwind and restore your body-mind-spirit during your stay with us. You can schedule your treatments at our front desk and your room will be charged for your session.

All guests receive a complimentary $50 Spa Gift Certificate* to use towards any of our 60 minute or longer treatments.

*The $50 Spa Gift Certificate cannot be used towards a 30-minute treatment, reiki, or acupuncture.

If you purchased our Spa Package you will receive a 60-minute spa treatment per day. You are welcome to upgrade to a 90-minute long treatment and pay the difference (which will be charged to your room).

Download our Spa menu here!

We accept reservations for the spa ONCE YOU ARRIVE at Blue Osa. We do not take reservations online or through email.

Daily Yoga

• Our daily yoga practice is an all-levels class. Style and format will be unique depending on the instructor. Class typically runs 1-hour in length.
• Our shala has yoga mats, blocks, straps, blankets, and weights available for your use.
• Please remove your shoes before entering our sacred space.
• There are no open cups or liquid containers allowed in the space. (Blue Osa water bottles may be purchased in the store.)

Quiet Hours

• We practice morning silence in the mornings until 7:30am.
• Our pool closes at 7:30pm.
• We ask guests to honor quiet hours beginning at 9pm. This ensures we maintain a peaceful evening environment for all.

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