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Blues Oasis: The Place To Embrace Grief

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Carly arrived at Blue Osa with one goal in mind. She wanted to feel something again. She experienced the unthinkable at the young age of 32 when she lost her husband in a tragic accident, catapulting her into grief and… Read More

6 Yoga Poses for Hip Pain Relief

Yogi Aaron doing Muscle Activation for the Psoas Muscle

If you’re searching for yoga for hip pain relief, chances are you’re tired of living with frustrating injuries and debilitating pain. I get it… For years, I struggled with compression in my lower back, which eventually led to severe pain… Read More

What Causes Tight Muscles?

Woman Stretching Hamstrings

“Why are my muscles so tight even when I stretch daily?” It’s a question I regularly hear from my students. I understand the frustration. From a young age, we hear that tightness is bad, flexibility is good, and stretching is… Read More

How to Become a Yoga Teacher and Trainer

Suppose you’re as passionate about yoga as we are. In that case, you might be asking yourself what you can do to transform that passion into a meaningful career. Maybe you feel it’s your responsibility to share your knowledge of… Read More

The Mental Health Benefits of Yoga

There’s a slight misconception floating around out there that yoga is strictly a physical exercise — all about poses with funny names like downward dog and sleeping willow. We understand why: everything you probably see on the internet or hear… Read More

How Yoga Can Cure Shoulder Pain

Being in pain is not a great feeling. It can affect everyday and actions, daily living and even impair your mental health. And with so much going on in today’s society, the last thing you need is to feel discomfort… Read More