Learn Yoga: How To Get Started

Yoga is everywhere these days and is more popular than ever.  By now, you are sure to of heard or read, about all the benefits of starting a yoga practice.  Such as; decreased stress levels; reduction in anxiety and depression; increased flexibility; better joint health; improved productivity;  higher quality of focus; weight loss; better quality sleep.  The list goes on.  The good news is that these benefits are not plucked from the yoga imagination!  There are now hundreds of studies that scientifically prove the benefits of a regular yoga practice.  

The question then becomes, why have you not started yoga already?!?!

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The answer to this is probably that you don’t know where to start.  It is overwhelming!  With a staggering amount of yoga styles and studios, it is hard to know how to learn yoga!  Firstly, there are the strange names of styles to get your head around.  For instance, when you read ‘Forrest yoga’ you would think that this is yoga in a forest, with all the poses resembling trees.  But no, Forrest yoga is a style of hot yoga created by an American woman called Ana Forrest, and definitely does not take place in a forest!  Who would have thought?!?!  Also, pose names are often in Sanskrit (the ancient language of India), another thing to master while simultaneously balancing on your head!

Fear not!  Yoga doesn’t need to be complicated, and learning yoga should not feel like taking a plunge into the unknown.  Yoga is for everyone!  Read on to discover how to learn yoga and the best way to get started!!!

Yoga Studios

These days yoga studios are everywhere.  They can be the best place to start as you will probably not be the only new student.  You will be taught by a qualified teacher who will have experience in those new to yoga.  Many studios run beginner classes or courses.  These are great ways to learn the basics and get familiar with the poses.

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Yoga studios often offer a variety of styles.  If the studio does not offer beginner classes, look for ‘Hatha,’ ‘Iyengar’ or ‘Yin’ on the schedule.  These are much slower styles of yoga, and teachers often take time to go over the alignment of poses.  A great way to learn where to place your feet and hands.  Sometimes yoga can feel like a game of Twister!  Stay away (for now!) from classes on the schedule such as; ‘Power,’ ‘Vinyasa,’ or ‘Astanga.’  These are often faster paced and easier to feel lost in.

What to Wear:

  • Comfortable, stretchy pants or shorts.  Something that you can move in and is not restrictive.
  • Close fitted top.  Loose tops will lift up over your head in Down Dog.
  • Bare feet.


Many studios offer yoga equipment for free or hire it out at a small fee.  Call ahead to find out.  If not, it is advisable to bring the following (these can be found easily and cheaply these days – check ‘Marketplace’ on Facebook for some second-hand bargains):

  • Yoga mat
  • Yoga block
  • Yoga strap

At Home – Yoga Online

Ok, so what happens if there is no yoga studio or class close by?  Or, you can’t afford the cost – yoga studios can be expensive.  There is now an array of free and paid yoga classes online.  Practicing yoga at home can be a cost-effective and time-efficient way to take your first few steps on the yoga path.

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There are many sites dedicated to offering yoga classes online.  Some of these are better than others.  It can take some trial and error.  The downside of learning yoga online is that you don’t get personal feedback.  

At the top of the quality list is  Blue Osa Online Academy.  Their website has some extremely informative classes.  All are course based, meaning that the format is progressive and easy to follow along to.  All the courses are taught by RYS 500 certified yoga teachers.  You know you’re getting highly-qualified and professional instruction.  The best news is that if you get stuck and need some help, they offer support via email.  Personal feedback at your fingertips!

Blue Osa’s  Yoga Alignment Course is the perfect online yoga course for those wanting to learn yoga.  You will gain the knowledge you need to perform postures correctly and safely, via video tutorials.  It also comes with downloadable pose guides and interactive quizzes.  Learning and doing in one!

Immersion Style Teacher Training

You don’t have to be able to stand on your head or have practiced yoga a long time to take part in a yoga teacher training course.  Many trainees have no desire to teach.  They go to deepen their practice and experience the self-transformation a yoga teacher training can provide.

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Some yoga teacher trainings are not suitable for those newer to yoga.  Blue Osa offers immersion-style teacher trainings that are set-up in a way to make them suitable for those new to yoga and more experienced practitioners alike.  They are immersive, meaning that for the duration of the training you eat, sleep and breathe yoga.  The training is headed by Yogi Aaron.  He believes that wisdom and knowledge are acquired through direct experience.  Immersive style teacher trainings offer you the gift of space and intention.  By fully immersing yourself in yoga, you not only learn yoga, but you live yoga. 


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There is no better way to learn yoga than to fully immerse yourself, without life distractions, into the yogic path!  To learn more about immersive style yoga teacher trainings at Blue Osa, visit their yoga teacher training webpage.

As you can see, there are a few different options to learn yoga.  It doesn’t have to be complicated.  You can learn yoga at a studio, in your own home or in an immersive dreamy, far-away location.  All it takes is for you to be willing to step on your mat.  See you there!


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