Humans Of Blue Osa 300-Hr YTT Interviews

Blue Osa’s 300 hour teacher training was a time of bonding, spirituality, self-growth and coming into one’s own leadership. Here is a deeper look into each of the participant’s lives, personalities, values, hopes and struggles.




If I were an animal, I’d be an african elephant, because they are powerful, loyal and loving.

The quality I would most like to cultivate in myself is the ability to see the best in everyone; to see everyone as God would see them, including myself. One of my greatest accomplishments is to be a good, loving mother to my twins.

Vani Devi


If I were an animal, I’d be a bird, so I could fly all around the world.

I would like to be more confident in myself, and I am proud of my accomplishment of serving my country.


July YTT

If I were an animal, I’d be a golden eagle because they are sharp, golden and they fly. I’m working on unconditional love and self-pride.

I’m working on loving myself no matter what I’ve achieve and without expectations.

I’m proud of myself for coming to Blue Osa. I’m proud of myself for not settling, but instead constantly looking for self-development and fulfilling my purpose.



If I were an animal, I’d be a cat because they are wild at heart, fun, playful and loyal.
I’d like to work on my self love, self worth and confidence. All which I hope will come with a regular meditation and yoga practice.

On of my biggest accomplishments in my life so far has been completing my nursing degree.

Saving someone’s life during an emergency is extremely rewarding, and having a chance to comfort and talk to nervous clients right before I take them into the operating room for their potential life threatening surgery is humbling. Caring for people in their most vulnerable times and treating everyone with utmost respect, patience and love, just like you would someone to look after you own family is a reason why I love being a nurse.

Additionally, being a nurse has allowed me to travel the world working and has taken me to Nepal to volunteer.



There is not a better animal I would like to be but a better human. We already have consciousness of who we are and our impact on the world and each other. But if I had to choose I would be a cat. An indoor, outdoor, come-and-go-as-you-please neighbourhood ruling cat. Not only do they do what they want, but they demand, receive, and give love when they want. Besides, who doesn’t want to smooch a cute little kitten’s face with love and kisses?

The quality I would like to refine or posses is graciousness, but patience as well. I often tend to expect the worst and that I something I am working on. Undoing years of living the wrong way takes time. I am working on my patience because I often wish others would finish up already so we can move on.


If I were an animal, I’d be a dolphin, because I love the ocean and they are intelligent, social and enjoy life! I am working on being less reactive and taking time to sit with things before I respond. One of my greatest accomplishments was moving to China, a foreign country I had never been to and completely immersing myself in the culture and learning the language.



If I were an animal I’d be an owl. I enjoy solitude and as I observe my surroundings. Solitude helps me listen to my intuition and learn from my experiences and observations, making it easier to stay true to myself and act only when necessary. I’d like to improve my forms of communication expression, which will allow me to make myself vulnerable in new ways.

All my greatest accomplishments have come from me recognizing that I am my own best teacher. I continuously seek improvement and new information. I’ve been able to improve my lifestyle and wellbeing through curiosity, discipline and education. Information is endless and so are the amazing people we can receive it from. The beauty begins when we start applying what we have learned and experiencing it for ourselves. With knowledge, experience and discernment we can transform our lives.



If I were an animal, I’d be a lion, because they symbolize strength and courage. My mission statement is “courageously live in radiant bliss” I’d like to improve communicating emotions. One of my greatest accomplishments has been earning my 500 hour yoga teacher training certification at Blue Osa and launching my own business.



If I were an animal, I’d be a jaguar, because jaguars are elegant, agile and independent.
Discipline and willpower have always been my two biggest downfalls. One of my greatest accomplishments was to overcome my recent break-up, to heal from it and to forgive my ex.

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