How To Practice Transformation Even Through Turbulent Times

I am hearing daily from so many people that they are feeling, “different”: More sensitive, feeling body pains, getting ill, energized for some, sluggish for others.

Tired but not sleeping.

Overwhelmed but not knowing exactly why.

All these symptoms are bodily responses to changing energetic fields all over the planet and in our solar system. The answer is not sleeping pills or any conventional response to our unconventional times.

We need an entirely new perspective.

It is no longer possible to separate ourselves as if we are distinct from EVERY OTHER THING.

We are being affected daily by our Sun and Solar Flares, by Climate Change, by our Economy, our Friends, our Fears, and our Dreams.

War anywhere or economic collapse, earthquakes, or even weather creates a global fear response and we each feel the vibrational shifts on the other side of the globe as we eat dinner.

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A New Paradigm for Transformation

So, we are being asked, if not required, to take a new position in our lives. We need to do this in order to integrate these new energies that are changing the very DNA of us as a species so that we do not become ill in response.

The natural response to change is usually a kind of “contraction” in our lives, a reactivity to fear, a stepping up of activity, and problem-solving. This knee-jerk response is no longer working.

The new response to these demands is to…





Do yoga.

Sleep more.

Instead of contracting we need to laugh and be in a place of openness and love allowing the winds of change to blow right through us.

I remember reading about a woman who was attacked by a bear. She was just in her tent minding her own business when out of the left field a bear tore through her tent and began to drag her off to the woods to kill her. Others had already died during this terrifying event.

What she did was counter-intuitive to screaming and resisting.

She went silent and limp. She stopped resisting in every way as the bear kept pulling her deeper into the forest.

What happened next was astonishing. The bear just dropped her in the woods and walked away. She was not unharmed, but she was alive.

I am finding that I am acting in a counter-intuitive way to mounting tensions in the world, tensions in my life, and personal crises. I’m not worrying or trying to “figure anything out”. I am not resisting what is.

Surrender to what is – Transformation comes in its own time. 

That’s very new for me and may have much to do with my choice to begin to live in the flow instead of pushing against the river of life.

Allowing instead of resisting a kind of yoga in my life.

on the beach at Blue Osa

My list of what I think I should do still sits mostly unaddressed as I put on my hat and grab my binoculars and go out to watch for the whales as they come through the bay.

Years ago I would have decided that I was in denial, crazy as a loon, lazy, afraid to face facts if I had done such a thing.

Now I am different. I feel perfectly centered and none of the traditional triggers in my life that would have sent me to bed sleepless or with a sore throat and a pounding heart seems to affect me in any of the usual ways.

And that undone list of “necessary responses” is still there and the world has not collapsed around me.

The antidote to the psychotic times we live in is not to speed up…but to do exactly the opposite:

Slow down

Slow way down so that the body can manage the energy that is presenting itself in a hundred new ways a day.

To stop our reactive resistance just like the woman who saved herself from the jaws of a bear.

The second cure for harrowing times is to change your mind. The mind wants to solve the unsolvable and will use up all available energy trying to.

The way to stop this over-thinking, over-worrying, over-analyzing is to change your thoughts from “I am overwhelmed”, to “I have an opportunity for creativity”. From “I am afraid”, to “I am practicing love and trust in this process of change”.

What a changed mind means is that you are finally acknowledging that you are in control of your experience. Fear is the belief that we are not in control. What we intend to think really does change the outcome of our daily experience.

Many people all over the world are talking about the unprecedented times of spiritual, physical, and emotional evolution we are in.

From CNN to psychics we have a delicious array of input to help us navigate our changing times, changing relationships, and emerging new worldview. Here is just one piece of writing that I think is helpful. It came to me from Marlene Swetlishoff.

Good, sound, and inspiring guidance.

“ Stay grounded into the Earth each day as she will support you as the metamorphosis within each of us continues to take place. Drink copious amounts of fresh, clean water to help facilitate the movements of the new energies coming through you and be outdoors as much as possible. Practice deep breathing exercises each day to help move the new Pranic energies into your cells. Allow the expression of all that comes through you and observe what comes forth. You are reconnecting to skills, abilities and talents that have been dormant for a long time.”

~ Marlene Swetlishof

About the Author

Maya Christobel is all about Transformation. And she is a Gypsy who has been travelling the world for a decade following her passion. She is a Harvard psychotherapist, professional writer, award-winning screenwriter and teacher working with individuals and groups for over 30 years. She has published books and screenplays, produced music with AOMusic, and ghostwritten fiction and non-fiction. She is currently coaching clients around the world who are writing novels and memoirs, children’s books and writing for life. And she currently is leading international workshops entitled; “The Writer’s Experience”.


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