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Getting to Blue Osa

The Osa Peninsula

Blue Osa is located about 8 miles (11 km) south of Puerto Jimenez on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. Known for its rich bio-diversity and stunning natural beauty, the region has been called the most biologically intense places on Earth by National Geographic.

Blue Osa is nestled near Corcovado National Park and the warm shores of the Gulfo Dulce — the perfect place to see endangered rainforest plants and animals.

Getting Here


  • Blue Osa Travels helps you plan your trip easily and worry-free. Blue Osa Travels can:
  • Help you with all of your flights.
  • Take care of any additional nights you need in San Jose or Puerto Jimenez.
  • Book any day trip tours you would like to do in San Jose.
  • Book accommodations in San Jose.

If you would like Blue Osa Travels to take care of you, please email us here and include:

  • Your international travel itinerary.
  • If you will need us to book any nights for you in Puerto Jimenez.
  • If you will need any additional nights in San Jose
  • If you would like to book any tours in San Jose
  • Requests for any other travel needs in Costa Rica.

If you do book independently, Blue Osa Travels will not be able to provide service to you during your stay.

How to Fly Here

Book your international flights to San Jose, Costa Rica. (airport code SJO)

From San Jose, you will fly or drive to Puerto Jimenez. You may book your local flights directly with Costa Rica’s national airline, Sansa Air. We encourage you to spend a few nights in San Jose and take advantage of the tours offered in the mountain region of Costa Rica. Visit coffee plantations, or a couple of our local active volcanos. Please contact our travel desk, blueosatravels@gmail.com to help you plan your pre-retreat experience.

The Sansa Airport terminal is about 100 meters from the International airport. Once you exit from immigration, you take your luggage and walk left. You will exit the terminal onto the main street and then keep walking until you come to the airport.

Once You Book Your Flights

Please email us to arrange a Blue Osa shuttle to and from the Puerto Jimenez Airport. Once the shuttle request form is received, you’ll get a shuttle confirmation emailed to you. Our shuttle service is $45 each way.


  • your full name
  • arrival and departure times

If you are visiting Blue Osa with a group retreat, give this information to your group leader to schedule with Blue Osa as soon as it’s available.

Take A Tour Of Blue Osa

What to Pack

The tropical climate here makes it very comfortable to wear simple, lightweight clothing and footwear. Quick-to-dry clothing and tennis shoes, sandals, or water shoes work best.

Guide: What to Pack For Your Trip

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