How to Get a Job as a Yoga Teacher

Your passion for yoga may have driven you to get a job as a yoga teacher, but you may be asking how exactly you find work. While you may have had the dedication to complete a rigorous yoga training program in order to be recognized by the Yoga Alliance, your hard work and determination doesn’t stop there.

You may be eager to start sharing your knowledge of yoga through running classes, but many newly qualified yoga teachers find this next step a bit challenging. While yoga training programs may teach you proper yoga techniques, they most likely won’t show you how to get a job as a yoga teacher or run a yoga business. This is where you may need to tap into your inner marketing skills or take an additional course in business.

If you find yourself struggling a bit with how to get a job as a yoga teacher, follow these helpful tips to landing work.


Getting Qualified for the Yoga Career You Want

You need to decide whether you wish to be a self-employed yoga instructor or work for a gym/studio. Although obtaining a license to teach students may not be required for becoming a self-employed yoga teacher, you will find most yoga studios and employers will require you to complete a required amount of training with an approved training course. They may require you to be recognized as a Registered Yoga Teacher by the Yoga Alliance or that you have undergone specialized training if you wish to teach specialized forms of yoga.

Getting a Job as a Yoga Teacher

Don’t be afraid to meet with the yoga studios you wish to work for ahead of time so as to find out what training requirements they have for their teachers. Also be aware that the more styles of yoga you are qualified to teach, the more job opportunities you will have.


Marketing Yourself

The biggest key to finding work as a yoga teacher is learning how to market yourself. You need to announce to the world what it is you offer and what makes you special. Meet with local yoga studios and offer a demo-class or ask if you can assist with any classes. Although you may not get paid for this at first, it can get you on their radar.

Marketing Yourself to Get a Job as a Yoga Teacher

Create a webpage for yourself and create an email pitch you can send out to studios or gyms. Get active on social media to engage yourself with companies and their clients whom you may be able to land work with. Create business cards you can hand out to potential clients or companies and be sure to sell yourself as a professional.


Be Flexible

You may not be able to land a job at your dream studio right away, nor may you be able to set the hours you wish to have. When starting out as a yoga teacher, you pretty much have to take what you can get. You may find that you have to cater to the schedules of your clients until you gain a client base or prove your abilities. Be aware that your hours may vary from week to week and your weekly income may not be guaranteed. You may wish to keep your current job or seek additional employment to make ends meet until your yoga teaching career takes off.

Be Flexible How to Get a Job as a Yoga Teacher

You may want to start off working for a company that pays a set rate so you can better plan your monthly finances. During this period, you can also seek out more lucrative options that may be available to you. Aim to teach beginners at the start, as you may find them much more responsive or open to what you have to teach. This will help you quickly gain confidence in your abilities.


Be Open To A Variety Of Possible Avenues

Yoga jobs can be found almost anywhere these days, you just have to be open to thinking outside the box. If you are having trouble finding work at your local yoga studios or gyms, try contacting health clubs, schools, community centers, hospitals, dance studios, spas, or even cruise ships.

All types of businesses are beginning to incorporate yoga classes into their workplace, so your opportunities are rather endless. Search the Internet for available yoga jobs in your area and get out and talk to people who may know of possible openings. If you are running your own yoga teaching business, look at maybe offering classes to bachelorette parties or arrange a sort of mini yoga retreat class. The more jobs you take on, the faster your name will be spread around and the more jobs you will book.



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Talk to Other Yoga Teachers

It is important to talk with already established yoga teachers to get their input. Although they may be your competition, they will most likely be willing to offer you guidance. They can help you decide how much you should be charging clients or what studios may be looking for jobs. You may even be able to assist them with their classes.

Talk To Other Yoga Teachers about How to Get a Job as a Yoga Teacher

Not only can you learn great business skills from well-known yoga teachers, you can also learn new yoga techniques and what works and doesn’t work when it comes to teaching.


Be Patient

Becoming a successful yoga teacher takes time. Don’t get discouraged if studios turn you away. You will eventually find the venue that is right for you, it is just a matter of searching. You also mustn’t take it personally if clients don’t return after taking a class with you. There are so many different styles of yoga and each one will cater to a different type of person. You want to be teaching students that believe in the style you are offering.

Be Patient To Get A Job As A Yoga Teacher

You may have to accept lower paying jobs in the beginning, but as your reputation grows, so too will your financial compensation.


Stay True to Yourself

Remember that you chose to teach yoga because you love and enjoy it. Don’t sacrifice your well-being by accepting jobs or teaching styles of yoga you aren’t comfortable with. If you don’t like the way a studio is run, seek out a healthier environment.

Although you need to make a living, don’t let that overshadow your passion for yoga. You don’t want to start resenting yoga because of your career as a yoga teacher. If you aren’t attracting the right students or if something doesn’t feel quite right, try developing a better strategy that is more in line with your beliefs or goals.



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How To Get A Job As A Yoga Teacher


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