What should I pack?

Check out this article for our suggestions on what to pack for your trip to Blue Osa. Additionally, keep these things in mind as you select what items to bring:

• We are in the jungle/rainforest — expect humidity and frequent rain if you visit during the green season.
• The Osa Peninsula is characterized by warm, breezy days, with highs between 82 and 92 degrees, and lows in the range of 70-80.
• Wet items can take longer than expected to dry, especially during the green season and/or if the sky is overcast (we do offer laundry service for a fee of $29/load if you need to have your clothes washed and dried).
• Blue Osa offers a guest drying area for clothes and towels.
• Moisture-wicking clothes will dry the quickest and will keep you coolest during our hot, sunny days.
• If you plan to go on excursions, it is recommended to bring shoes that you don’t mind getting wet and that have a good grip. A waterproof or dry bag can also be helpful if you wish to bring your phone/camera along with you while out exploring.
• We do have ants, mosquitos, and other small bugs that can occasionally be an annoyance — pack bug spray!
• We have a small store on-site with some essentials available to purchase and there is a grocery store and pharmacy in town where you can find anything you forgot to pack.
• Blue Osa DOES provide soap, shampoo, towels for the beach and shower + bed sheets. You do not need to bring these items.

Do NOT Bring
• We do not allow hair dryers, flat irons, etc. We are an OFF-Grid resort and do not have the energy to provide energy to these devices. Using these devices will cause damage to our sensitive system. (If you are interested in learning more, please click here.)
• Snacks that are left out in the open. Any food you bring will attract animals. If you do bring any snacks, please double bag it in ziplocks.