What sets this training apart from others? Why should I consider it?

There are many things that set this training apart from other yoga teacher trainings.

The YTT Immersion is a life-changing program that empowers others to live a more noble and purposed life.

This yoga immersion is the real deal.

This is one of the few places you will experience a space, online that will help you to deeply transform.

This is a space where we are able to be and explore the best version of ourselves.

• To learn how to teach yoga.
• To offer be able to provide yoga for our loved ones and friends.
• To change the world.

In this training, you will receive:

• Authentic teachings from a teacher who has lived them.
• Live instruction with Yogi Aaron
• The opportunity to saturate and steep in an authentic Himalayan Tradition.
• Learn Applied Yoga Anatomy + Muscle Activation Techniques.
• Have the support of a loving community for the duration of the training.

What you should consider before taking a YTT
With the barrage of online yoga teacher trainings that are offered, how do you know which YTT you should do?

If you would like to hear a breakdown of the various programs out there, and some helpful hints in finding the best yoga teacher trainings that are right for you, watch the video below.

This video is a recorded Facebook Live with Yogi Aaron.