We need your help with the following while staying at Blue Osa

• In order to create the space for reflection and growth, please acknowledge and promote our times for quiet which are after dinner from 9:30 until 7:30 in the morning each day. Please let your students know we practice morning silence until 7:30 AM. To help honor the silence and sacred moment of the morning, the internet is turned off from in the mornings until 7:30, and again in the evenings during dinner from 6:30 until 7:15.

• Help us to encourage your retreat participants to NOT to flush the toilet paper.

The Blue Osa Yoga Studio is a sacred space and ask that it be held as such by your group. We will clean the yoga studio once a day and ask that after your classes, no mats are left on the floor and all the props are neatly stored. We ask that no open cups and shoes are brought into the yoga studio.

• With so many people sharing our community spaces, we ask that you remind your group to be neat, keeping all public spaces clean.

• We are an Eco-friendly retreat and want to cultivate mindfulness in the use of electricity, water, towels, and other resources here. Hair dryers and flat irons are not allowed. Please take opportunities to remind your participants to turn off all ceiling fans, bed fans and lights when leaving the room.

• Help us honor that there is no smoking on the property. Designated smoking areas are on the beach. There is a garbage can at the entrance.

• Please be aware that we DO NOT provide ANY printing services for you or your students at Blue Osa.