What is the structure of this training? Is this a live training? Or pre-recorded? Can I go at my own pace?

The training is pre-recorded allowing you the opportunity to go at your own pace.

Throughout the training, there are worksheets, quizzes, and assignments to help track your progress.

Our NUMBER ONE goal is to not only give you the information needed to grow your practice and be able to teach but that you are ready to TEACH ON DAY ONE!

Throughout this training, we will be offering “office hours” once a week.

One day a week we will have a scheduled time so that you can meet with one of our instructors to have your questions answered.

The live sessions are not required.

The live sessions will be recorded so that you may access them later.

This training has been created to allow you to go at your own pace. This will give you six months to complete all of the material.

More specifically, this training consists of:

(1) Pre-recorded videos and materials, progressively sequenced to maximize your learning. You

(2) Technology that tracks your participation and engagement.

(3) LIVE sessions with a lead teacher.