How do you fit a 200-hour RYT into only 14 days?

Maybe you’ve done the math: Even if you practice for 10 hours a day, 14 days straight, that’s still only 140 hours of study! From where do the additional 60 hours come?

We purposefully crafted our 14-day 200-hour RYT training for the busy yoga student. So, we’ve included a self-study portion of the program that you can complete before or after the training — or even during your free time here at Blue Osa!

We have created this self-study portion to choose how you would like to use your FREE time at Blue Osa. In our old schedule, we would start at five in the morning and practice until nine at night, with breaks only for meals. It was a lot! With our revised schedule, you get to study with your teacher, learn yoga on the beach, and still have time to enjoy paradise.

The self-study portion will become available to you two months before you arrive at Blue Osa. Alternatively, we’ve created intentional pockets of free time during your schedule so that you can further your studies here at Blue Osa. (See the daily schedule above.)

After the training, we offer continued support to ensure you leave Blue Osa as a safe, confident yoga instructor.

Plus, our 14-day 200-hour RYT meets Yoga Alliance’s international certification standards — so you can rest assured our program meets the highest level of global educational policies.