Do I get the bonus AYAMA™ certification? (Applied Yoga Anatomy + Muscle Activation™)

In addition to the ancient and authentic yogic teachings that you receive and experience during Blue Osa’s Yoga Teacher Training, you will also learn the exclusive Applied Yoga Anatomy + Muscle Activation™ (AYAMA™) methodology.

AYAMA™ was created by Blue Osa’s founder and master yoga teacher, Yogi Aaron. AYAMA™ is not only a revolutionary way to practice yoga but to embody and deeply understand anatomy while alleviating pain in the body.

This EXPERIENTIAL and TRANSFORMATIVE form of yoga anatomy training will come ALIVE in your body. And! this HEALING technique will teach you how to get rid of pain!

You can’t learn AYAMA™ anywhere else.

You should be aware that most Yoga Teacher Trainings do not offer this level of experiential and comprehensive anatomy instruction.

You will leave our training with a somatic understanding of your body and the ability to apply these teachings directly to your life and yoga practice.

AYAMA™ teaches you how to guide yoga classes safely, ensuring you do not injure your students or cause, aggravate, or exacerbate any pain they may have.

Become AYAMA™ certified and help others to live a pain-free life!