Come and get to know Blue Osa

First and foremost, we encourage all potential group leaders to visit Blue Osa as you consider booking a retreat here. We feel strongly that having the first-hand experience of our community and the setting here at Blue Osa will energize you as you conceive and promote your retreat. We believe that you can promote better what you know, see, and feel. To facilitate this, please contact us to arrange for a discounted stay prior to or after signing a contract. This trip will also give you an opportunity to speak with the staff here in person and talk over your retreat, marketing ideas, and trip details.

This discounted stay is only for promotional purposes only and may not be used prior to or after your retreat.

Once your contract is signed, we will begin promoting your retreat on our website and in the multiple other social media outlets thereby linking your efforts with our network of friends and past guests. Additionally, we provide the opportunity for you to stay here free of charge as you book more participants for your retreat.