Booking Enhancements

Make your group experience a more fulfilling one with these add ons. Please let us know if you would like them added to your contract for everyone in your group. (All fees below are based on a group price as opposed to an individual fee.)

These special rates are ONLY offered when the contract is signed. They ARE NOT offered when you arrive at Blue Osa with your group.

1. Include a Spa Massage.
Our special group rate for our 60-min spa services is $110 per person, and that includes tax.

2. Include Gratuities.
Some group leaders like to offer their participants a yoga retreat package that is more inclusive with no hidden costs. And some like to include or add gratuities to their fee. Our hardworking staff really appreciates the generosity of our guests. Your gifts leave them feeling very fulfilled and satisfied knowing the service they provide is appreciated. Our suggested tipping amount is $25 to $40 a day per person in your group.

3. Tours
Do you want to add any tours to your package? Please click here to see our full offering of tours. All group tours must be paid for prior to the tour.

4. Smoothie Pass
Include an unlimited cold press juice/smoothie pass for the week. $59.00

5. A Special Tapas Night
One of Blue Osa’s signature dinners is a tapas night. We have spent years perfecting this dinner and offering different styles of tapas and turning Blue Osa’s salon (dining area) into a festive atmosphere of eating pleasure. $25.00 (Tapas Night is included in the Moksha Exclusive Use Package.)

6. A Wine Pass
Blue Osa is proud to carry some specialty wines, some organic, from Argentina and Spain. Invite your students to enjoy a cup of wine each night, on you! $59.99

7. Have A Special Birthday?
Is it your birthday? Or of your loved one’s birthday? Or someone in your group? Celebrate with a delicious package in the jungle! A birthday cake, a bouquet of flowers in your room, a bottle of wine, and a little surprise from us. $179.00

8. Add Fish or Extra Protein At Meals
Our vegetarian menu offers some animal protein throughout the week. We offer eggs at breakfast and typically offer chicken 3 times a week. Here are two options to upgrade:

1. If you would like to add fish to the menu, please let us know 2 weeks prior to your arrival. The fee to add fish is $300 a meal.

2. If you would like the high animal protein option, please contact us for more information.