Be responsible for your group

From Yogi Aaron:
In our experience, the more that the group leaders weave the magic of Blue Osa, the jungle, nature, their student’s erroneous perceptions into their classes and dharma talks, the more powerful of an experience it can be for everyone.

This place, Blue Osa, has an enormous power to heal and nurture. And at the same time, it has a powerful way of disturbing a person’s deepest samskaras. If a group leader is on top of it, many people leave with less of these disturbing samskaras, and are deeply transformed. The students leave with a deep feeling care, nurture and healing.Please kindly remember it is not our job to manage your people or “make them happy.” We are very clear on what we provide and what we do not provide. Our job, which we do really well, is to support the group leader to hold the space for all of this transformation to happen. Consider sharing our magazine with your community.

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