Fresh salad for lunch at Blue Osa

Eat To Feel Happy And Healthy With Blue Osa’s Cookbook!

Yogi Aaron (Blue Osa founder) and Blue Osa’s lead chefs, Elner and Byron, are always refining our recipes, incorporating the freshest and most local ingredients as possible, and, of course, joyfully sharing their creations with our guests at every meal.

We decided to put together our favorite recipes for YOU so you can experience a little taste of Blue Osa from your very own kitchen. Introducing our newest Cookbook

Eat to Feel Happy and Healthy — Rainforest recipes that bring you joy by Yogi Aaron

A picture of Blue Osa's Cookbook "Eat to Feel Happy And Healthy" and the chefs: Yogi Aaron, Elner, Byron

We packed over 60 of our favorite recipes into this cookbook! Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts, juices, smoothies, cock(mock)tails, breads, dressings, and sauces — it’s all in there! And the spell-binding photography brings each recipe alive while capturing the essence of Blue Osa…

Our food philosophy has always been that food should be fun. A celebration. And of course, fuel for living a fuller, more meaningful life.

Grab our cookbook today to learn easy, wholesome recipes designed to bring you joy, happiness, and health!

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Want to learn more about our wholesome recipes designed to bring you joy? Check out this replay of our Cookbook Launch Party! You’ll meet our chefs and listen in to an intimate conversation about our farm-to-table cuisine, hear testimonials from guests about their experience, and enjoy never-heard-before stories about the earliest days at Blue Osa from its founders, Yogi Aaron and Adam Dolle!

Blue Osa's CookBook: Eat To Feel Happy and Healthy Cookbook Launch Party video replay on youtube