17 Reasons A Costa Rica Honeymoon Is The Best

Weddings in Costa Rica are a beautiful ceremony of love and lifetime companionship, but let’s be real – it’s all about the honeymoon.

So here is why we think…

Why A Costa Rica Honeymoon Is The Best

But with so many destinations to choose from, how do you pick your perfect honeymoon spot? Read on to find out.

#17. Over 800 miles of coastline.

Did you really honeymoon if you didn’t honeymoon on a beach? Technically, no.

Costa Rica Christmas Blue Osa beach Resort

Luckily, you can’t really go anywhere in Costa Rica without being a few hours from a beach. This tiny country has a whopping 800 miles of coastline along both the Caribbean and Pacific, including two jungle-lined peninsulas. The options are endless.

#16. The best sunsets AND the best sunrises you’ll ever see.

Another requirement of any good honeymoon: watching the sunrise or sunset together. Preferably over the ocean.

Usually, you have to choose one or the other, depending on your geographic location. But because it has a coastline on both the east and west, Costa Rica is one of those rare places that has life-changing sunrises and sunsets over the ocean, all in one place. Sure, you have to drive from one side of the country to the other, but it’s a small country, and the drive will take you through some incredible rainforests and volcanoes.


On Costa Rica’s peninsulas, like the Osa Peninsula, you can actually witness both in one day if you plan it out right. That’s because the sun rises over the ocean in the gulfs, on the eastern side of the peninsulas, and sets over the ocean on the western side.

#15. Even the animals are in love.

While you’re getting your honeymoon lovin’ on, so is the rest of the jungle.

costa rica honeymoon

You’ll hear mating calls throughout the day from all kinds of creatures – monkeys, birds, lizards. You might even witness some showing of affection. I swear I saw two monkeys kissing in a tree once, and the scarlet macaws that fly all over the Osa Peninsula mate for life. Aww, animal soul mates.

#14. Tons of tasty tropical treats.

Food and beverages are a big part of any good honeymoon.

costa rica honeymoon

Luckily, Costa Rica is filled with all kinds of tropical treats, from pineapple and papaya to mango and guava and coconut. They make great afternoon snacks, natural smoothies, and delicious desserts. Many eco-resorts in Costa Rica are also starting to offer farm-to-table dining.

#13. It’s the sweetest-smelling country on earth, I swear.

I can always tell I’m back in Costa Rica by the smells in the air. I swear, it’s the sweetest smelling country I’ve ever been to.

costa rica honeymoon

It’s no surprise – the roads you walk and ride down are usually lined with all kinds of tropical fruits, fallen guava, and incredible flowers. Reina de la Noche is a flower found throughout much of Costa Rica, with a smell so sweet and pungent it’s said to give one who sleeps near it sweet dreams. And, the country has over 1,200 varieties of orchids! They’re everywhere.

#12. It’s a magical fairytale wonderland.

Walking through the primary rainforest, you will start to worry that you’ve somehow left the world and landed in a magical fairytale wonderland.

Between the canopy of massive trees covered in hanging leaves and moss so green it seems to glow, the secret waterfalls you seem to stumble upon at every turn, and the vibrant birds that come in every color of the rainbow and sing their beautiful songs as you walk along, you’ll have trouble believing you’re still in reality.

#11. The weather is perfect.

Not 90 degrees and sunny perfect, because that’s not perfect.

You certainly want some sun and warmth on your honeymoon (remember: beaches), but it’s also nice to have a little relief from the heat. Costa Rica offers a balanced combination of hot and sunny and cool and rainy. In many parts of the country, rain will come for a few hours in the afternoon or evening, and everything will cool down and relax. Plus, it’s nice to cuddle up to the sound of a rainstorm.

#10. Couples massages for days.

There are tons of options for massage and spa treatments in Costa Rica, especially along the beach. Spas and eco-resorts offer everything from deep tissue to Thai massage to reflexology to body scrubs. Get relaxed!

#9. Yoga and meditation and retreats, oh my!

costa rica honeymoon

There are also tons of yoga and meditation studios as well as full retreats. Get in touch with your own body, and then get in touch with each other’s bodies, if you know what I mean.

#8. Literally everything in Costa Rica is an aphrodisiac.

Really. Starfruit, cacao, papaya, and coconut are all said to have aphrodisiac properties, and they all grow abundantly in Costa Rica. Some people even use cacao beans in love ceremonies. Also, they don’t call it passion fruit for no reason.

#7. You can go chasing waterfalls all day.

The rainforest is, well, rainy, but that doesn’t just mean wet clothes. It also means waterfalls! Lots and lots of waterfalls.

There are numerous just within a short distance of Blue Osa, and you can stand under and swim in most of them. Some have bridges you can jump off of, others have caverns behind them that you can stand in and watch the water pour down in front of you, and some even offer the option to rappel down them for the more adventurous couples.

#6. Endless adventure.

Speaking of adventure, it’s everywhere in Costa Rica.

costa rica honeymoon

Between ziplining, waterfall rappelling, tree climbing, surfing, ATV tours, jungle hikes, horseback riding, river rafting, night tours through the jungle, kayaking, and volcano hiking, there’s something for every couple, from those who want to overcome their fears together, to those who have no fear!

#5. Your wallet will thank you.

Weddings are expensive, and so are honeymoons. But you can get more bang for your buck by going to a country that’s more affordable.

Costa Rica offers fantastic opportunities, infrastructure, and accommodations at a fraction of what you’d pay in other popular vacation destinations such as Europe and Australia.

#4. Rainforest bungalows to cozy up in.

Eco-tourism is big in Costa Rica, and because of that, there are all kinds of adorable rainforest bungalows, nestled in the forest or on the beach, offering spectacular views, smells, and sounds. They’re perfect for cuddling up at night or hanging out on patio hammocks during the day.

#3. Islands and boat trips.

Beaches, beaches, and more beaches are a necessity, but some couples like to leave the shore to visit islands and go on boat trips. This is an option on many of Costa Rica’s beaches.

Up north in Guanacaste’s beaches, there are plenty of sunset and booze cruises. Along the Nicoya Peninsula, you can visit Tortuga Island. Farther south, if you’re a big spender, you can take a 10-day scuba diving cruise to Islas del Coco, Costa Rica’s Galapagos Island, teeming with wildlife and arguably more pristine than the popular Galapagos.

From the Caribbean coast, you can take a boat trip to Panama’s Bocas del Toro islands.

Along the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica, you can go on whale watching and dolphin boating tours to see the area’s incredible marine life.

#2. Stunning eco-resorts.

All-inclusive eco-resorts often beat the big chains at price while offering a far more personal and unique experience. Some, like Blue Osa, are impeccably-designed properties hidden in jungles and along beaches so quiet and pristine they’re basically private.

costa rica honeymoon

Blue Osa even offers farm-to-table French-Latin fusion meals, daily yoga, and spa packages.

#1. You will fall in love…with each other, and with Costa Rica!

Between the incredible beauty and tranquility of Costa Rica, you can’t help but fall deeper in love with each other, and with the country, while you’re here.

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