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Costa Rica Adventures

Explore one of the most biodiverse places on earth by land, water, and air. Whether you’re zipping through the Costa Rican canopy, kayaking the mangroves or hiking off the beaten path, you’ll experience the natural wonder of the Osa Peninsula.

Imagine looking up to see four different species of monkeys or seeing playful dolphins and breaching humpback whales in a tropical paradise. Your Costa Rican eco-adventure is an experience you can’t miss!

Matapalo ½ Day Hike

This is the perfect hike if you’re tight on time and want to see as much as possible! Matapalo guided tour is one of the most breathtaking locations on the peninsula. Packed with wildlife, Matapalo shares a border with Corcovado National Park. See monkeys, toucans, and scarlet macaws and finish up your adventure at a refreshing waterfall.

Price: $89 Location: Cape Matapalo Departure: 6AM or 2PM Duration: 2-½ - 4 hours Includes transportation.

Zipline Canopy Tour

An adrenaline-packed canopy tour up to 30 meters in the air! You’ll be gliding from one zip-line to another on this high-flying eco-adventure, taking in the wildlife at eye-level.  The zip-line tour is safe, low-impact and easy to control your speed making it a great way to see the Osa Peninsula.

Price: $139 Departure: Noon Duration: 2 - 3-½ hours Includes transportation.

The Dolphin Tour

Take a sensational boat ride in our beautiful Golfo Dulce as you explore the mangroves and breathtaking coastline. You will have the opportunity to get up and close to our different species of dolphins. This tour also includes snorkeling and swimming. So be sure to pack your bathing suit and beach towel.

Price: $599 - The price is for 1 to 4 people and then $130 per person. Location: Leaves from the town harbor Departure: The mornings Duration: Approx. 4 hours Includes Transportation

Mangrove Kayak Exploration

Glide through the shade of 80-foot Costa Rican mangroves in your kayak- the perfect up-close vantage point.  Bridging land and sea, mangroves host a wide array of wildlife like lizards and birds. You’ll be guided up-river and back with the tide, making paddling fairly easy. Dry bags are provided.

Price: $99 Location: Preciosa (just outside Puerto Jimenez) Departure: Varies on tide times Duration: 3 - 4 hours Includes transportation.

Chocolate Tour

Adventure back to the roots of cacao agriculture during Mayan times. You’ll learn how cacao is produced in the orchards, including various kinds of cacao and its role in the food cycle. Sample the cacao fruit and learn about the preparation and making of raw chocolate. Enjoy chocolate fondue served with fresh local fruit and homemade banana bread. Learning never tasted so good!

Price: $110 Location: Finca Kobo, Palo Seco Departure: 8AM or 2PM Includes transportation.

Rainforest Jungle Adventure Hike

Be guided through the jungle of the rainforest surrounding Blue Osa. Our in house naturalist will show you the secrets of the flora and fauna that surround the property. You’ll learn about the plants and animals, and will get a taste of the fruits from the jungle. You’ll see toucans, monkeys possibly a sloth, and so much more!

Price: $35 Location: Playa Tamales/Blue Osa Departure: 6AM or 2PM Duration: 2-½ - 4 hours

Horseback Riding

Ride through lush lowland meadows, dense tropical rainforest and across pristine beaches in a breathtaking adventure of a lifetime. Your guides will show you incredible vistas overlooking Golfo Dulce, point out exotic plants and animals, and provide you a unique experience to learn about the environment. No expertise needed, all ages welcome. The Horseback Riding Tour can be done on its own or with Waterfall Rappelling and/or Tree Climbing Tours.

Price: $125 Location: Matapalo Duration: 2-3 hours Includes transportation.

Bird Watching

With 359 species of birds that call the Osa Peninsula home, the entire peninsula is fertile birding ground. Because the Osa is rich in animal life, there a wide variety of habitats and healthy populations. Expect to see a lot of other wildlife. This is the best opportunity to see wildlife and experience some stellar birding at Playa Tamales.

Price: $35 Location: Blue Osa Departure: Varies Duration: 2-4 hours

Surfing Lessons

Great for all skill-levels, Pan Dulce Beach in Matapalo has gentle surf with a long ride.  These lessons are great for all ages. We’ve had people ranging from kids up to 80 years enjoy surfing! Tours vary depending on the tide and boards are provided. Please reserve in advance.

Price: $120 Location: Matapalo Departure: Depends on Tides Duration: 2.5 - 4 hours Includes transportation.

What You Can Expect to See

When ocean and jungle meet, life is everywhere!  As one of the most biodiverse places on earth, the Costa Rican rainforest is teeming with flora and fauna.  Just a stone’s throw away is the might Pacific — home to the majority of the earth’s wildlife.

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