Now Is the Time To Take An Online Yoga Teacher Training

Online yoga teacher trainings are currently trending because there’s a lot of uncertainty in the world right now.

What we do know is this.

Going online for what we used to do in person is happening more often. Many people feel safer going online to study, to meet up, and to learn.

Being a destination resort for yoga teacher training, we at Blue Osa were aware of one reality.  We were missing a whole group of people at our YTT’s – those unable to travel abroad or afford the costs attached to the experience we offer.

That is why in light of the current world situation and in honor of our continuous service to yoga, we are thrilled to announce this news.
Our fully-accredited 200-hour yoga teacher training can now be taken online! All at a fraction of the cost without taking away from the bespoke curriculum from our in-person training.

Also, we’ve added exclusive training in Applied Anatomy for Yoga Teachers and Muscle Activation Therapy created by Yogi Aaron. That way, your yoga certification stands out from the rest.

Applied Yoga Anatomy Training will give you insights and knowledge in how to alleviate pain your students are experiencing.

But more, Applied Yoga Anatomy and learning the art of Muscle Activation Techniques will give you the required skills you should have to teach yoga safely.

Yogi Aaron’s is skilled at making anatomy training fun, exciting, and even adventurous.

Is An Online Yoga Teacher Training Worth It?

If you’ve been wondering if a yoga teacher training online is right for you, or need a little nudge in the right direction, you might find this article useful.

We all learn in different ways!

While millions of people worldwide learn and gain a qualification online in just about anything nowadays, some may find yoga teacher training online just isn’t for them.

And that’s OK!

But if you are looking for an affordable and flexible option to get a yoga certification, now accredited by Yoga Alliance, then perhaps this is for you.

Here Are 7 Reasons Why You Should Do An Online Yoga Teacher Training, Right Now.

1. Online Yoga Teacher Trainings Are A Fraction of The Cost

School loans, car repayments, rent, and other costs hold most of us back. For some people, splurging thousands of dollars on a destination yoga teacher training just wouldn’t make sense.

But if you ever wanted to become a yoga teacher, and costs were limiting you – then now is your best chance.

While an online yoga teacher training is less expensive, it is by no means cheap in value. Where you would pay upwards of $3000 for in-person training, you’d be looking at around $1,500 for doing it online. And the curriculum is just the same!

You still get quality training and experience with a sense of community, teacher feedback, and engagement throughout.

The significant difference is that you save on accommodation, food, and drink. And honestly, these benefits are secondary after the immaculate training you receive (if you’ve chosen a reputable center, of course). Not forgetting, if you decide on a destination yoga center, then you’ve got to take into account the travel costs and insurance too. It can add up.

If you are looking for a no-frills yoga certification so you can teach and make money right away, an online yoga teacher training is the way to go.

You can make your money back through your classes in half the time it takes then if you took an in-person immersion!



2. Online Yoga Teacher Trainings Provide Structure And Growth To Your Yoga Routine

Even if you don’t necessarily desire to teach straight away, an online YTT can give you a lot more than you think.  It can replace the myriad of online classes you are taking at home now with a solid routine and foundation of yoga philosophy, anatomy, and teachings.

Following a curriculum alongside your daily yoga practice will provide you with the right education to deepen and cement your training for life. Not to mention, having a solid practice during these times can help nourish your soul and foster feelings of comfort.

And if you do decide to teach, later on, you have the qualification to support you.


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3. You Get Unlimited Access To Materials.

One major benefit of doing yoga teacher training online is that you get unlimited and lifetime access to the classes, meditations, and practices from the course.

Unlike in-person training, you get to keep the recordings of the powerful and engaging lectures to watch back at a later date.

You can deepen your understanding of the teachings and relive your yoga teacher training experience whenever you want. This is fantastic in your first few years as a teacher, and you are still practicing what you have learned.

Your yoga teacher’s wisdom and teachings are with you at the click of a button.

Online Yoga Teacher Training 200-hour 14-day

4. Practice All 8 Limbs Of Yoga In Real-time – this one is unique!

If you aren’t living yoga, are you really doing yoga?

This question may be debatable, depending on who you ask. But one thing’s for sure. Yoga is not just what happens on the mat – it is a complete way of life that is lived experientially.

With an online yoga teacher training, you can integrate yoga into your daily life – in your home and around other commitments. And this will allow you to practice all 8 limbs of yoga in realtime, as you study with your teacher.

A YTT immersion in an exotic location is an experience of a lifetime. Still, it’s easy to feel the disconnect when you go back into the ‘real world.’

Families, friends, and work commitments can easily snap your focus if you don’t consciously maintain the energy from your in-person yoga teacher training.

Life can easily throw you off track with all of its demands. But by completing your online yoga teacher training in the place of your ordinary surroundings, you get a unique observational and empirical experience of really living yoga.

How to build Resilience and Build Confidence

5. You don’t have to take time off.

Spending two to four weeks at an in-person training requires commitment away from your current responsibilities. Some are fortunate enough to adjust their lives and take time out for themselves. While others don’t have the same luxury.

One incentive of an online yoga teacher training is that there isn’t much you need to commit to or change about your current schedule. Except for being present for some of the live classes. You can access these materials at any time – on your commute to work, as you cook dinner for your family, or even as you lay your kids in bed.

You can complete an entire 200 hours of yoga teacher training in the small pockets of time you have. Ambitious participants have finished this course in under two weeks. Others have taken as long as 6 months.  We all learn at different speeds, and the online yoga teacher training allows you to go at your own pace.

Now, for all the introverts out there, you’ll really like this one…



6. You Can Wholeheartedly Show Up As You Are.

Yoga online teacher training - what you need to knowPerfection is not a requirement for doing yoga teacher training, only that you show up. But for some people, that itself is a struggle.

After money concerns, the next fears stopping people from doing yoga teacher training are not feeling good enough in their practice, in comparison to other ‘advanced yogi’s’, and having to be vulnerable to a group of strangers.

While these limiting thoughts are so damaging, they are not uncommon. Instead of allowing your fears to stop you from your purpose, you can soothe your worries by taking an online yoga teacher training.

The community aspect of a yoga teacher training is one of the incredible highlights of the experience. But not everyone wants to immerse themselves in 28 days around the same people.

The environment is intense. And it can push you out of your comfort zone.

If you’re not ready for something like that, then online training would be perfect for you. Plus, the community is there at a click of a button, as and when you want.

Online Yoga Teacher Training 200-hour certification with Blue Osa

7. Now, Yoga Alliance is accrediting Online YTT’s… But Not For Long!

Before now, doing a yoga teacher training online was commonly seen as inferior to in-person training. Why? While you do gain a yoga certification with a yoga school online, it would not have been accredited by Yoga Alliance. (And many of the trainings offered online were a sham.)

Getting a Yoga Alliance certificate is a must for anyone serious about becoming a yoga teacher. Previously, to be certified by Yoga Alliance, all training should be conducted in-person.

That is, until now!

Yoga Alliance has changed its policy so that you can become a fully accredited yoga teacher from the comfort of your home. While Yoga Alliance has made this change, there are deadlines for when these online yoga teacher trainings should be completed.



Doors are opening, will you walk through them?

Considering that the world has been and will continue to evolve during these times, we would be doing a disservice to ourselves if we were to hold back from evolving too.

So, I encourage you to move with the changes and grab the opportunity of being fully accredited with an online yoga teacher training with both hands!

Doors are opening up in places that have previously been shut.

If you’ve ever felt that you were unable to complete a yoga teacher training for whatever reason, your chance is now.

Check out Blue Osa’s 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training here. You can START ANYTIME and go at your own pace.

We can’t wait to welcome you!!!


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Are you still on the fence? We have tons of resources to help you make the best decision for yourself. Sign up for our 5-part series, Is Yoga Teacher Training Right For Me?


Got pain? This will help you!


Receive 7 short, simple, and effective practices to alleviate knee, hip, low back, neck, shoulder pain, and more!

All you need is 5 minutes per lesson and it’s FREE!

This revolutionary approach to yoga is new, and no one else is teaching this! Since I created Applied Yoga Anatomy + Muscle Activation™ and started teaching it consistently, I’ve witnessed students heal long-standing injuries, access yoga postures they never thought possible, and tell me over and over again how their body just feels better.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey!

~Yogi Aaron

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