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What Causes Tight Muscles?

Woman Stretching Hamstrings

“Why are my muscles so tight even when I stretch daily?” It’s a question I regularly hear from my students. I understand the frustration. From a young age, we hear that tightness is bad, flexibility is good, and stretching is… Read More

How to Become a Yoga Teacher and Trainer

Suppose you’re as passionate about yoga as we are. In that case, you might be asking yourself what you can do to transform that passion into a meaningful career. Maybe you feel it’s your responsibility to share your knowledge of… Read More

How Much Do Yoga Instructors Make in 2021?

how to make money as a yoga teacher

Wondering how much do yoga instructors make a year?  First, let’s imagine your dream day as a yoga instructor.  You wake up to sunlight beaming across your carpet. You stretch, then head to the kitchen to grab a steaming cup… Read More

How To Be More Inclusive in Your Yoga Class

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Language is meaningful. The words we use have the power to harm or heal. As yoga teachers, we are likely the only person talking when we enter a yoga class to teach. In this position of influence, we should hold… Read More

7 Reasons Why This Is The Best Online Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular. Health-conscious folks and people who are interested in physical activities are taking yoga. After a few months/years of consistent yoga practice, many people want to understand the Yoga practice better. A Yoga Teacher Training is… Read More

How to Choose The Best Online Yoga Teacher Training

Are you considering an online yoga teacher training? I have one thing to say. Congratulations! To rise above the limitations set upon us during this difficult time is only a testament to your strong will and dedication to fulfilling your… Read More