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Transformation in Paradise with Sherry

Uncover simple secrets to transform your health and body without restrictive dieting and exercising to exhaustion ever again.

If you’re ready to ditch the diet-and-exercise-punishment-hamster-wheel and imagine a newly transformed mind, health and body, come join me in Costa Rica on November 25 for 7 magical days to re-ignite your lost pre-pandemic motivation, passions and vitality while cultivating new and simple life changing habits so that struggle with weight loss is a thing of your past!

Every detail of this retreat is designed with your complete Transformation in mind.

Together, we’ll nourish our bodies with healthy, mouth-watering farm to table food, practice daily meditation and yoga, incorporate gentle and adaptable 10-20 minute workouts for all levels, and enjoy 5-star spa services.

Through the powerful processes in our workshops, we’ll honor what we’ve accomplished in our lives so far, break self-sabotaging patterns, release addictive habits and diet mindset entrapment, as well as explore what we’re ready to create next with this newly freed up space in our lives. Plus, we’ll indulge our adventurous spirits with a private resort on a virgin beach in the Osa Peninsula, gentle hiking, and even a cooking class that will make you a beast in the kitchen.

By the end of our 7 nights together, you’ll be relaxed, re-inspired, empowered, and confident and ready to dive into the next chapter of your life with the clarity and steps you need to take to get there.
We’ve curated an itinerary that through daily simple habit setting, gentle and loving movement, adventure, fun, and powerful mindset work, connects you to your future self, body, mind and spirit forever.

May, 24 — May, 31 | $3500

About Your Yoga Instructor:

Sherry Shaban

Sherry Shaban is a certified athletic therapist, osteopath and an anti-diet health and life coach from Montreal, Qc. She is the founder of the Fall in Love with Fitness Podcast, the HIIT Decks™ App, and Make Peace with Food™, the leaders in an Anti-Diet approach that rewires the brain’s relationship with food to naturally release bodyweight struggles forever. With over 23 years of experience in the fitness industry, Sherry is a renowned expert in the most challenging weight loss cases and has helped thousands of people worldwide transform their health and fitness using her revolutionary method to rewire the brain, release self-sabotaging limiting beliefs and patterns, and fall in love with fitness so that weight loss becomes easy, predictable and enjoyable.

What's Included

Girls Enjoying Blue Osa Retreat | Blue Osa


Intentionally designed beachfront eco-friendly rooms with ocean views and the use of the 25-meter pool.

Blue Osa Dessert | Blue Osa


Three delicious farm-to-table meals per day using homegrown, organic ingredients, plus snacks and more to keep you energized and satisfied the whole week long.


Daily yoga classes and yoga props including mats, blocks and straps.

Take a flight to the osa peninsula || Blue Osa Yoga Retreat || Skyway


Airport transfer from Puerto Jimenez to Blue Osa and return taxes.

“Sherry’s Transformation in Paradise retreat is designed for you if you want to permanently adapt your lifestyle and mindset to fitness and heal your relationship with food. It has changed my life! Sherry also uses common sense and extensive knowledge of the body and mind to develop effective and adaptable methods and meal plans that will lead to results. Her unique program offers personalized touchpoints in which she fosters curiosity, challenges you, and drives that motivating power within you to keep the momentum. Thanks to this week together I have gained lifelong tips for a healthier body, a healthier mind, and a healthier life!”
— Madi A.
“This retreat is amazing - unlike any other wellness retreat I have experienced! It was designed to get you lasting results and change the way you approach nutrition and eating habits. Sherry genuinely cares about helping her clients meet their health and fitness goals and will encourage, support, and push you every step of the way. I am very grateful for her coaching and support, especially with my issue with emotional eating. She meets you where you are and helps you commit to and achieve better health. I have learned lasting habits that I continue to implement every single day, and the results keep on coming! I highly recommend joining Sherry in this magical week if you are truly serious about transforming your life and health forever!”
— Rosalie H.