Find Your Zen in Anafi, Greece with Yogi Aaron | Yoga Retreat

Live pain-free, find your purpose: awaken your inner explore and find your zen in untouched Greece.

Yearn for a yoga retreat unlike any other? Skip the Santorini crowds and discover the hidden gem of Anafi, a tiny Cycladic Island bathed in Aegean serenity. Pristine beaches with crystal-clear waters beckon for lazy days, while whitewashed houses and winding alleys whisper tales of a timeless Greece. Hike rugged trails for panoramic views, or delve into the island’s rich history. Anafi is a tranquil haven for the soul, a place where your mind truly empties and reconnects.

A yoga man by the ocean praying | Yogi Aaron retreat to greece

Join Yogi Aaron and a small group (4-6 people) for a transformative week of yoga and rejuvenation:

• Awaken your life purpose: Explore ancient meditation practices that guide you towards your dharma (life’s calling).
• Feel grounded and centered: Embrace yoga sequences designed to connect you to your inner strength.
• Rest easy: Find serenity with guided relaxation techniques for a calmer mind and restful sleep.
• Live pain-free: Receive personalized AYAMA practices tailored to your needs.
• Personalized guidance: Benefit from Yogi Aaron’s individual attention throughout the retreat.

Unwind, reconnect, and rediscover yourself in the heart of the Aegean.

“I spent a transformative week at this stunning villa, and I can’t wait to share the experience with you. This retreat goes beyond a beautiful vacation. We’ll not only explore the wonders of Anafi, but also deepen our connection to ourselves and each other through the practice of yoga.”


Yogi Aaron

Aug, 10 — Aug, 16 | $2500

Organizer: Yogi Aaron/Blue Osa

Location: Anafi, Greece

Contact Yogi Aaron – Reach out to Yogi Aaron on Facebook here, Or Instagram here.

Price – Starting at $2500 (discounts offered for shared occupancy.)

About Your Yoga Instructor:

Yogi Aaron

Yogi Aaron, owner of Blue Osa, is a trailblazing Master Yoga Teacher and Muscle Specialist, who pioneered the groundbreaking approach to yoga that shows people how to live pain-free by activating muscles through Applied Yoga Anatomy + Muscle Activation™ (AYAMA™).

In a world where conventional stretching and flexibility practices are the prescribed norm for pain, Yogi Aaron’s unorthodox method provides a safer, more effective, and permanent solution. Yogi Aaron is dedicated to teaching students worldwide to break free from pain and unlock their full potential and life purpose.

What sets him apart is his wisdom, infectious humor, adventurous spirit, and personal healing journey, which distinguish him as a beloved leader in the yoga community.

Daily Schedule

6:00am Coffee/Teas – self serve

7:00am – Meditation

7:30am – Yoga Practice

10:30am – Brunch

11:30am – Free time / Explore / Beach or Pool Time / Arrange Adventures

6:00pm – Cocktails

7:00pm – Dinner

(This is a sample schedule.)

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What's Included


Each day begins with a short meditation or sitting practice, grounding you for the day ahead. Most mornings will feature a yoga practice designed to strengthen your body and unwind your nervous system. We’ll integrate powerful muscle activation techniques from AYAMA to enhance your practice and well-being.

Please bring your own yoga mat on this retreat.


Included is daily continental breakfast is served which includes milk, juice, yoghurt, butter, cereals, muesli, bread, ham or turkey, cheese, boiled egg, cake, jam, honey, and seasonal fruit.

For details on lunch and dinner, please see below. 👇


Included is 6 nights in a beautiful villa, our own private pool, and and incredible view of the Aegean Sea. Discover an island that has kept its secrets for centuries… Experience an unforgettable concept of accommodation, a unique property of elegant distinction on Anafi island.

Adventures and Transportation

Anafi unfolds its hidden gems each day. Unwind by the pool, greet the sunrise with a mountain hike, or embark on early morning walks that lead you to secluded coves, unexplored trails, and picturesque landscapes. No matter your choice, Anafi’s wonders will leave you feeling profoundly peaceful.

Also includes roundtrip shuttle service from the ferry in Anafi.

Lodging Options:

We are staying in a large villa. Here are room options. Room 5 is its own private separate suite.

Room 1 – One Queen + One Twin Bed (SOLD OUT)

Room 2 – One Queen Bed (SOLD OUT)

Room 3 – One Queen Bed – $2800 (SOLD OUT)

Room 4 – Deluxe Studio with two king beds, a private refrigerator + sofa – $3099

This studio is sold as a single occupancy. However, if you would like to share the room with someone, please contact Yogi Aaron for options and price.

villa in greece - Deluxe Studio with two king beds

Option 5 – Your Own Private Suite with King Bed, Kitchenette, Private Plunge Pool and Patio with Ocean View – $4500

This private suite is sold as a single occupancy. However, if you would like to share the room with someone, please contact Yogi Aaron for options and price.

Private Suite with King Bed

Private Suite with King Bed



How To Get To Anafi

Getting to Anafi is fun and adventure. There are two ways to get there.

1. Fly into Athens. (see below for recommendations for Athens.) From Athens, take the ferry to Santorini. You might want to spend a night or two in Santorini. (see below for some suggestions.) From Santorini, book a ferry to Anafi.

2. Fly into Santorini. You might want to spend a night or two in Santorini. (see below for some suggestions.) From Santorini, book a ferry to Anafi.

Things to consider:

1.Transportation during the retreat is covered! I’ll be providing a comfortable vehicle to shuttle us to our daily excursions and evening meals in town.

For added exploration: If you’d like the freedom to explore Anafi beyond the retreat schedule, consider renting a car. I’m happy to assist you with the rental process, just let me know! Just a heads-up, you’ll need an international driver’s license to rent a car in Greece, but they’re easy to obtain beforehand.

2. Please bring a yoga mat, if you wish to practice on one.

3. There will be an opportunity to purchase snacks and food items in Anafi. However, if you do get the opportunity to visit a market in Athens or one of the other islands, please take it.

My Personal Suggestions

1. Unveil the magic of Athens! This captivating city is a must-see, and I always extend my stays there whenever possible. For a truly immersive experience, consider basing yourself in Plaka, the heart of Athens. Plaka boasts a central location, making self-guided walking tours a breeze. Incredible restaurants, rooftop bars, and historical sites all reside within walking distance, allowing you to explore the city at your own pace and immerse yourself in rich tapestry of Athenian culture. If you’re looking for a culinary adventure, I highly recommend checking out the Ergon House, my favorite restaurant. Not only does it serve delicious food, but they also offer cooking classes, a perfect way to take a piece of Greece home with you.

2. Santorini’s stunning scenery comes with crowds, so be prepared! But in my opinion, it is well worth to spend a few days there.

Budget-friendly Option: If you’re looking for a convenient and affordable stay, consider the Grand View Hotel (, located close to the ferry with shuttle service.

Luxury in Oia: For a luxurious experience, Oia is the place to be. While generally more expensive, you might find occasional deals on AirBNB. Here are some unforgettable activities if you choose Oia:

• Indulge in a winery tasting and pairing menu.
• Explore the island by boat tour – a truly magical experience!
• Embark on the scenic hike from Oia to Finikia (start early to avoid heat).
• Sip cocktails and watch the breathtaking sunset from a rooftop bar.
• Greet the sunrise in peaceful tranquility before the crowds arrive.

Wherever you decide to stay, please look at google maps and do a distance check. Santorini is a huge island, and it does take some time to get around. (Check out my Greece map below.)

3. I highly recommend visit other islands. Some that are easily accessible before our retreat, or after are: Santorni, Folengros, Milos, and my personal fav, Koufonisia. Koufonisia is one of the Aegean’s hidden gem! This tiny Cycladic island charms with crystal-clear waters lapping at pristine beaches and whitewashed villages basking in the sun. Despite being the smallest inhabited island in the group, Koufonisia boasts a relaxed atmosphere and untouched beauty, perfect for unwinding and reconnecting with yourself. Try to spend a few days on this island if you can. It won’t disappoint.

4. If you need some other recommendations, message me, and/or check out my map from my own travels in Greece.

5. If you are just coming for the retreat, give yourself some travel space on either side, so you don’t have to worry about missing flights.Keep in mind that we are on a remote island in the Aegean Sea. 😎

What’s not included:

• Transportation, ferries, flights or any travel to Anafi
• To ensure a flexible itinerary and cater to individual dietary preferences, lunch and dinner are not included in the retreat fee. We’ll start each day with a hearty breakfast. In the evenings, we’ll enjoy the vibrant local scene by heading into town for cocktails and dinner at one of the delicious restaurants. Each eatery boasts fresh, seasonal ingredients, often featuring the day’s catch! Expect dinners to be around $30 plus drinks.
• Yoga mats – please bring your own with you, if you wish to practice on one.