What Everybody Ought to Know About Blue Osa’s Immersion-Style Yoga Teacher Training Programs

If you are reading this, then you might already know that we offer a few different immersion-style yoga teacher training programs here at Blue Osa. It could also be true that you’ve got a few questions: What’s the difference between these programs? Which program is right for me? In what ways will each program benefit me?

Look no further! We have all the answers to your questions right here. Read on for a closer look at what makes Blue Osa the best place for any level of your yoga training experience.

200-Hour Trainings

Your 200-hour teacher training will be the foundation from which you teach, so it’s important to choose wisely when deciding where to go. An immersion-style yoga teacher training program is an excellent choice to fully submerge yourself in the knowledge and allow it to steep within you. In this program, you will learn the fundamentals of:

  • How a class is structured
  • Understanding Asanas, Pranayamas and meditation techniques
  • Anatomy and the mechanics of yoga poses
  • Ayurveda, chakras and other yogic concepts to help you be a well-rounded teacher
  • Ritual
  • Ethics and business of yoga
Group of yoga students standing around a circle holding candles during a meditation as part of their yoga teacher training at Blue Osa in Costa Rica.

At Blue Osa, you will also nurture your own personal practice, which, next to your training, is paramount to passing on wisdom to others. This learning will create a platform for transformation for you personally, as well as the people you will teach.

Any 200-hour module (especially an immersion-style yoga teacher training program) will help you go even deeper into what yoga means for you and your potential students. According to Yogi Aaron, “You will leave Blue Osa feeling as if you have just immersed your whole being into a tradition of yoga. Every part of you will be completely and utterly transformed.”

This program is designed to cultivate healthy daily patterns through early morning meditation with the sunrise and a daily Asana and Pranayama practice combined with classroom interaction and reading material. Through this structure, you and your fellow yogis will become more certain and stable, allowing you to soften, go deep and create balance in your life.

Woman doing a one legged back bend on the beach during sunset in Costa Rica.

If you truly wish to enrich yourself while strengthening your practice in order to lead others through their own yogic rituals, this is the program to learn how. Yogi Aaron’s program will guide you to connect deeply with your true self so you can gain a clearer understanding of your higher purpose. Surrounded by the peace and natural healing powers of the Osa Peninsula, you can discover the path that you are meant for.

Whether you are new at studying yoga and want to see if teaching is part of your path, or if you’ve already done a 200-hour training but want a more in-depth look at what yoga can do to bring meaning to your life and the lives of others, this program is perfect for you!

Here’s what one 2023 graduate had to say about their experience at their 200-hour yoga teacher training:

“I chose Blue Osa for the immersive experience in an absolutely beautiful atmosphere to really hone my own yoga practice and to deepen my knowledge but it was when I started researching Yogi Aaron that I came to my final decision. I would absolutely send people here.” – Alicia 

300-Hour Training

Yoga students in downdog position using blocks to support their heads in Blue Osa's yoga shala in Costa Rica.

Have you completed a 200-hour training and been teaching for a while, but know that there is always more to learn and are ready to go deeper? Would you like to offer more to your students? Are you interested in growing your yoga business and entrepreneurial skills?

This immersion is for the lifelong practitioners, the seekers and the visionaries of yoga. The focus here is all-around yogic lifestyle development, so you can truly live what you teach.

Through independent projects, book reports and in-depth reading, Yogi Aaron will guide you deeper into the mysteries and rituals of yoga to enable you to cultivate enlightenment and well-being within others.

In Blue Osa’s 300-hour program, you will have the opportunity to hone in on your niche and to tap into and nurture your gifts to truly serve your message to the world. Yogi Aaron will help you discover your primary intention as a yoga teacher.

As you dive into this intensive learning, you will empower your vision, growing yourself so you can embody leadership in yoga. Yogi Aaron is interested in building yoga leaders for the global community, and you will be one of them! To dive deeper into what you will learn during our 300-hour program read 10 Essential Things You’ll Learn During your 300-hour YTT

Just Get Yourself Here, and We’ll Do The Rest!

Yoga students jumping in the air on the beach at sunset in Costa Rica.

No matter what level of training you are seeking, you will experience a true immersion at Blue Osa. An immersion is the deep mental, physical, emotional and spiritual involvement and absorption in and from an experience. Your yoga teacher training alone will be a deeply expansive experience, but in addition to your program, living in a true heaven-on-earth environment will take your immersive experience to new heights that you can only truly understand when you step into our paradise

Our intention is to create a harmonious, peaceful, luxurious container far from your everyday routine to help accelerate your learning and ignite positive momentum in the direction of your goals. When we use the word luxurious, we are not just referring to our beautifully designed accommodations. We are referring to a lifestyle where everything is taken care of for you so you can focus on your personal transformation, watch A Day in The Life of a Yoga Teacher in Training at Blue Osa to get a real feel for what you will experience here. 

We are the most proud of the Costa Rican hospitality you will receive through our employees. Their goal is to cater to your needs so you can dedicate your energy to your training. You will receive three, beautiful, farm-fresh meals that are not only prepared for you, but will be announced (either by our morning mantra that is beautifully echoed throughout the property, or a bell chiming for lunch and dinner). So no matter where you are in your day, you’ll know when it’s time to pause and refuel. Enjoying meals together as a community is such an intimate way to enjoy not only the meal, but to connect to others and their stories. And perhaps the most magical part of all is our dinner ritual. Each night our staff will welcome you, reflect on the day and unite everyone’s hearts and minds by sharing some beautiful words before our chef announces what is for dinner. You may just adopt some of our rituals when you go home. 

Because food is such an integral part of your performance and energy level here, we put a huge emphasis on optimally nourishing your body with our farm-to-table food, fresh from our garden or local sources. But don’t you worry, eating healthy never tasted so delicious, you will feel indulgent with our amazing desserts, like our starfruit tart plucked right from a tree, steps from where you will be dining. You can also replenish daily with our delicious hand-crafted smoothies and juices. And at the end of the day, we support you in whatever helps you unwind the most, so if that’s a mango margarita, pina colada, glass of wine or a cerveza, we’ve got you covered! Pura Vida! 

Here’s what one of our 2023 graduates had to say about our food and staff: “The food was amazing, I feel like a little slice of paradise here. All of the staff literally has an inner glow about them. I don’t have anything bad to say about it” – Asia.

Glass of yellow fruit juice with a sliced open starfruit next to it on a wooden table.

We also offer a weekly laundry and housekeeping service so you don’t have to worry about over packing or running out of clean clothes. 

An immersion-style yoga teacher training program would not be complete without a little taste of vacation. We offer eco tours and adventures to help you unleash your wild side and encourage you to be nurtured by nature which according to the American Psychological Association “can improve our mental health and sharpen our cognition”. We assure you spending time in paradise will deepen your connection to yourself which will only benefit your practice and your experience here. 

Three women sitting poolside together and laughing with their legs in the water of Blue Osa's chemical free lap pool.

Your down time is an important opportunity to absorb and assimilate all of the information you will be consuming daily and that’s why we have created a sanctuary for you to be in the best optimal state for absorption. You can relax by our chemical-free pool, or allow yourself to be rejuvenated by the waves of the ocean. If you want to be fully pampered we offer a number of therapeutic spa treatments like acupuncture, massages, body scrubs, body wraps, and facials.

Whether you are looking into our 200 or 300-hour yoga teacher training, our mission is to cultivate well-rounded, exceptional yoga teachers who, if you so choose, are capable of becoming leaders in the global yogic community. The combination of getting your education from Yogi Aaron and receiving this renowned education in the powerful vortex of the Osa, choosing to complete your yoga teacher training with us is a choice that you will not regret!

Make sure you check out hundreds of our five star reviews and learn why we are so honored to receive Tripadvior’s Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best award. This is Tripadvisor’s highest recognition presented annually to businesses that are the Best of the Best on Tripadvisor because they earn excellent reviews from travelers and are ranked in the top 1% of properties worldwide.

And please, feel free to contact us if there is anything we can do to help you along your journey and becoming the best version of you!

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Yogi Aaron assisting a yoga student with half moon position in Blue Osa's yoga shala in Costa Rica.

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Yoga student sitting with eyes closed in meditation in Blue Osa's yoga shala in Costa Rica.

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Two people practicing yoga on a deck looking at a sunset in Costa Rica.

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Got pain? This will help you!


Receive 7 short, simple, and effective practices to alleviate knee, hip, low back, neck, shoulder pain, and more!

All you need is 5 minutes per lesson and it’s FREE!

This revolutionary approach to yoga is new, and no one else is teaching this! Since I created Applied Yoga Anatomy + Muscle Activation™ and started teaching it consistently, I’ve witnessed students heal long-standing injuries, access yoga postures they never thought possible, and tell me over and over again how their body just feels better.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey!

~Yogi Aaron

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14-Day 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica

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28-Day 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

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300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Do You Feel Called To Something Greater?

This 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training immersion training at Blue Osa will immerse you in yoga for one month.

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