legs up the wall the benefits of Viparita Karani

Viparita Karani Benefits: 10 Shocking Reasons To Practice Legs Up The Wall

The Story of a Paralyzed Yoga Teacher


After coming back from India, I became very attentive to the stories of others who became injured and healed quickly due to yoga. Many people thought I should stop yoga or assumed I would not be able to do anything… Read More

Why You Should NOT Do Child’s Pose

Woman in child's pose position.

Why You Should NOT Do Child’s Pose  Child’s Pose, or balasana, is an asana that is nearly inescapable in most yoga classes. You may hear your yoga teacher remind you that child’s pose is a “safe place” to go during… Read More

Yoga For Digestive Problems

Silhoutte of Yogi Aaron in a wide legged standing position on the beach in front of Blue Osa in Costa Rica.

What is the Digestive System? Simply put, the digestive system is a process our body uses to break food down into small water-soluble molecules that can be absorbed into the bloodstream. It is important for the body to break down… Read More