Committing to a yoga teacher training is a big decision to make in and of itself. Choosing to travel to a destination like Blue Osa in Costa Rica to enroll in a yoga teacher training program, can be even more daunting. 

If you’re considering doing a yoga teacher training, surely there are some positive reasons that are drawing you to the experience; perhaps you’re ready for a transformation in your life, maybe you’re looking to connect to a like-minded community, you may even be called to the spiritual aspect of a yoga teacher training immersive experience. 

But where there is transformation, there are most often fears and excuses that can hold one back from moving forward with what their heart is inspiring them to do. If allowed, these fears and excuses can consume your mind to the point where you don’t move forward. 

We encourage you to look at these fears and excuses as opportunities for growth and to welcome them as the beginning of your personal development journey, even before you begin your yoga teacher training.

There are many excuses as to why you shouldn’t become a yoga teacher or even just take a yoga teacher training (as many students take the program to expand their minds and deepen their practice) but we’ve decided to address the top six excuses that shouldn’t stop you from committing to a yoga teacher training in the hopes that you break through your fears and move forward in your calling to invest in yourself and your future.


Students practicing yoga in Blue Osa's Yoga Shala in Costa Rica

1. I’m Not Good Enough At Yoga

Yogi Aaron teaching half-moon yoga  pose to yoga students in the Yoga Shala at Blue Osa Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

Not being good enough is a limiting belief we should all intend to release from our belief systems and self-talk. You’re certainly not alone if you identify with not being good enough, whether it’s directly related to yoga or not, but be aware that not only does this negative affirmation bear no relation to the reality of who you are, it is actually the very reason why you should pursue a yoga teacher training!

Wherever you are in your practice, know that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be. So long as your intention is to better yourself, whether body, mind, spirit or all of the above (which is a side effect of practicing yoga) there is 100% a place for you on the mat.

Yoga is a process and a very personal, long, non-linear one at that.

Yoga and the practice of it are much more concerned with your ability to engage with an open heart and mind than it is with your level of experience. Beginning a yoga teacher training is an incredible way to strengthen your relationship with yoga and to deepen your relationship with yourself.

2. I Don’t Know If I Want To Teach Yoga

The beauty of a yoga teacher training is that what you learn will last a lifetime, from deepening your yoga practice to understanding yogic philosophy to getting specialized adjustments. No rule says you must teach because you’re certified, and in fact, many students never go on to do so.

There are many reasons to take a yoga teacher training, especially an immersive yoga teacher training that will benefit you even if you decide to never teach a class, here are just a few of the top reasons:

  • Receiving an education on yoga, prana and Sanskrit
  • Forming deep bonds with like-minded souls
  • Focusing on yourself and your transformation
  • Learning how to live a pain-free life 

Read: Want to Improve Your Yoga? Take A Yoga Teacher Training Now! for more inspiration.

Yoga students practicing warrior one in a yoga teacher training at Blue Osa Yoga Retreat Center in Costa Rica.

3. I Don’t Have The Time

Probably the number one excuse people have for not taking a yoga teacher training is time.

Time is precious.

It is something we can never get back.

But time spent intentionally, answering our soul’s calling and commiting to a practice that deepens our relationship to ourselves is arguably the most important use of our time. We believe it’s the very reason why we are here. 

We understand that taking a yoga teacher training means taking time away from work, friends and family and stepping away from our daily responsibilities and because of this we offer two different options to complete your 200-hour yoga teacher training so you can choose which time frame works better for your schedule, your learning style and your life.

We offer a two week and a one month option here at Blue Osa. You will receive the same certifications for either option but your experiences will differ slightly due to time. Click here to get a better understanding of how to choose the best yoga instructor ertification: two week vs. one month YTT immersion.

A YTT is a considerable commitment to make, but an empowered one at that. We are taught to believe (especially as women, mothers and wives) that putting ourselves ahead of others is selfish. But it is nearly impossible to serve others when we cannot even serve ourselves; as the saying goes, you can not serve from an empty cup. Taking care of ourselves first is the best way to care for the people we love. And when you immerse yourself in a yoga teacher training at Blue Osa, your cup will surely spilleth over!

Here’s what a recent mother of two young children had to say about how the two-week 200-hour YTT made all the difference when she made the life-altering decision enroll:

“Other full time programs were four weeks, just for the 200 hours and I was like, there’s no way. There’s no way I want to be away from my children that long, and I would never find someone to stay with them for that amount of time. So I found Blue Osa when I looked specifically for the 200 YTT in a two week period. I also came up with Bali, Hawaii and California but with the cost of the flight the rest of them are really unfeasible.” – Bianca

The 28-day option will include everything the two-week option does but you’ll have more time to relax, go on adventures or pamper yourself with our rejuvenating spa treatments.

Yoga students sitting in a circle holding raised hands at Blue Osa Yoga Retreat Center in Costa Rica.

4. I Won’t Know Anyone In The Class

While this is undoubtedly true – it is only for the first few hours. You won’t believe how 24 hours in a YTT environment can initiate the strongest bonds imaginable.

Everyone participating in a YTT is pursuing their purpose, their passion, or a calling. Just as it is for you, everyone is there for a reason, and you too, are part of that reason.

The nature of yoga is to create unity within ourselves – trust that the spirit is alive and flowing through everyone in that class as well, and because of this, you will find unity among them too. You may arrive at your training alone, but we guarantee you will leave with a brand new soul family.

5. I’m Afraid It Will Be Too Hard

We think this is the very reason you should pursue a yoga teacher training! Finding our edges and pushing past challenges is good for our soul’s growth. It extends the capacity for greatness within us and we should all strive to approach life in this way to continually grow as human beings.

“I experienced many ego deaths, no ayahuasca needed” expressed Sydney, a recent 2023 graduate at the end of her 200-hour two-week yoga teacher training at Blue Osa. 

A YTT will be challenging, that’s for sure, but the most rewarding accomplishments are usually the most difficult to achieve. 

The purpose of yoga is not to embarrass you or give you a hard time while pushing you past your limits. Instead, yoga will show you the possibilities when your mind, body, and spirit are truly in alignment. And when this happens, only you can decide how far you can go.

6. My Friends And Family Will Think I’m Crazy

Yoga teacher assisting a yoga student in a hand stand at Blue Osa Yoga Retreat Center in Costa Rica.

Although yoga is reaching people far and wide, there are still parts of the world, communities, and families that hold a stigma towards the yoga community and those who want to complete a YTT.

If you find yourself in such a predicament, the most important advice we can offer is this:

Despite others’ opinions, you are the only one who can create change in your life. Your friends and family may think they know what’s best for you, and whether their intentions are pure or not, only you know what you truly need and you have the power to choose what path is for your greatest and highest potential. 

We encourage you to trust the call, know your purpose and make empowered decisions for your life.

That being said, we know it’s difficult when we don’t have the support of those closest to us, it’s discouraging and creates challenges when moving forward in life. But rest assured that the beauty of the yoga community is that you will find your tribe and your support network of like-minded souls.

Courtney Brown, a 2023 200-hour yoga teacher training graduate from Sacramento shares her insight on facing her fears by attending a YTT at Blue Osa:

“I think it’s important to always listen to your heart and your intuition. And you know, a few days before I left I was internally making those excuses for myself as to why I shouldn’t take the leap and why I shouldn’t go and experience something new. But you know, life is fleeting. Life is about experiences and I think the more connections you make with others the more connected you feel to the world really, and that’s been my biggest takeaway from all of this. I felt right at home as soon as I got here, and that was a pretty powerful thing. So take the leap and get on the plane. That’s the hardest part. And once you’re here, you’re going to experience the same thing.”

The support you need exists, you only have to place yourself at the center of what you love doing, and your family will be right here waiting.

The tips above are intended to inspire, motivate and to encourage you to know that despite these genuine fears, you have the power to overcome anything. 

We encourage you to start your journey to your best self now by looking deep within and leaning into the lessons behind these excuses and fears by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Where did these fears come from? 
  2. How have they been serving me and my life so far?  
  3. Do I want to allow these excuses and fears to hold me back from moving forward and following my heart? 
  4. Am I ready to release these fears (or at least face them) by committing to a yoga teacher training and stepping into my power to pursue the yogic path I’m called to lead?

If you’re ready to take the next step on your yoga journey, learn more about the Blue Osa Yoga Teacher Training program here and contact us with any of your questions or concerns, we’re here to support you! 

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