How to Make the Most of Your Day: Wake up With the Sun

The way in which you wake up has the power to affect the rest of your day. This is a fact that many of us know to be true yet still fail to abide by – especially for those of us who love to sleep in. 

We are all exhausted, in need of sleep, and looking for a quick fix. So, we look for easy ways to try and mend our tired minds and souls with pills, sleepy teas, and meditation apps. But what if I were to tell you that there is a natural solution to fixing your sleep. A solution that will help you find a balance that doesn’t involve a trip to your local drugstore?

Are you someone who is looking for a way to get more activities done throughout your day? In need of an energy boost? Wanting to find a way to better connect with nature? Or are you looking to try and find some more time for yourself? If so, then this article is for you

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Why You Should Wake Up With The Sun

When it comes to productivity, waking up with the sun is a great way to get the most out of your day. Try to avoid pressing ‘snooze’ on your alarm, lying in bed, or falling back to sleep after waking up. Getting up will allow you to get a head start on your day and thus complete more on your list of things to get done. Incorporating a morning ritual is also much more simple when you have more time in your day.

Depending on where you live, waking up with the sun is a great way to optimize your morning. Getting up at sunrise improves the brain’s ability to function as sunlight enhances the brain’s capacity to complete tasks. This is something especially prevalent for those who suffer from depression.

Waking up with the sun can also make it easier to get out of bed. Try leaving your curtains open and enjoy the first rays of light while waking up with nature. Of course, there are some circumstances when individuals need to wake up before sunrise for work and other common needs. But try waking up with the sun on a weekend or when you have a day off. You could even try taking some time away from work to rest your body.

5 Reasons Why You Should Wake Up With The Rising Sun (For You Night Owls)

1) Waking up earlier helps you to increase productivity:

During the early morning, there tends to be less distraction as most of the world is not yet awake. Because of this, it is easier to achieve more during this time. You could even take this time to add to your morning routine like trying meditation. There are many great courses around to help you ease into this amazing practice.

In the mornings, we also tend to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. The early morning can create more inspiration to help you achieve your goals. Being inspired in the morning allows you to get your creative juices flowing and have a positive morning routine. With a fresh mind, you can also make clearer decisions.

And of course, more energy. This might be challenging at first if you are not used to waking up early. But with time, it will get easier and you will feel more energy to help you be more productive.

2) You get to have more time for yourself:

Most people don’t wake up with the rising sun. But if you do, you’ll find that there is more quiet time before your day starts. This will allow you to breathe into the morning of your new day. You can even take some time to practice breathing and incorporate some breathing exercises for a new practice.

If you are a nature lover, waking up with the sun is a nice way to start your day by watching the sunrise. Immersing yourself in nature is also a great way to relax the body and become more in tune with yourself. Try becoming raw and naked with nature to deepen your experience even more.

Morning rituals are also a positive practice to incorporate into your day. If you have never had a set morning ritual, try something like meditation, morning yoga or incorporating a fitness routine into your day. There are a lot of great fitness quotes to help you feel inspired to do this. Or, if you would like to take this time to relax, that is also another great option. If you have work or school activities during the day, having a morning routine and waking up with the sun can encourage you to do more in the morning. This way, you will have more free time in the afternoon and night to practice relaxation techniques to help calm the mind and body.

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3) Waking up early gives you more energy!

After waking up early and getting things done, many people feel more motivated throughout the day. This is because they have had a head start on their daily activities. Feeling motivated can also lead to more self-love, something many of us strive to achieve. With this sense of motivation, you may want to perform more, making you feel good.

By waking up early and getting all you need to get done by nighttime, you will also have a better quality of sleep. Incorporating activities such as Yoga Nidra can also help deepen your sleep and make you feel better rested the next day.

4) Healthier Body:

We have all heard it before: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But many of us still neglect to take this time to nourish our bodies and give ourselves the energy we need to get through the day. If you wake up with the rising sun, you can have more time to enjoy your breakfast and then feel ready to take on the day to come. There are many quick and healthy breakfasts you can make to give yourself that boost of energy. For example, try a delicious smoothie packed with nutrients to fuel your body.

Having extra time in the morning will also give you the chance to meal prep. If you have been wanting to eat healthier throughout your day, meal prepping can be a great way to ensure that your food is ready to go. This way, you won’t miss an opportunity to fuel your body with what you need. For a great lunch or dinner, try this steamed cauliflower with pesto. Prepping your meals allows you to bring food on the go and can also help you to eat in a more healthy way! But there are also many other early morning tricks to help you stay healthy

Waking up early allows you to have a nice rest at night, allowing the body to relax. This is because if you are up early, your body will adjust to going to bed earlier. Instead of staying up and eating, watching T.V, creating stress for the body, you can go to bed feeling rested and content.

Alternatively, many people consciously practice intermittent fasting in the mornings. If you decide that this is the practice you would like to incorporate, we highly recommend it. But we invite you to make intermittent fasting a conscious spiritual practice, rather than something you just missed because you were too busy.

5) Healthy Mindset:

If you find yourself feeling motivated once waking up, it’s more likely you will feel more optimistic. As well as having more confidence throughout your day. Enhancing your mind’s positivity. It’s important to feel good throughout your day. But it’s even better to feel great.

If you decide to have a morning workout, meditate, or your choice of a morning ritual, this will release a chemical from your body called endorphins. This will reduce your perception of pain which creates positive feelings! Everywhere you go there is also a magic hour of spiritual awakening. This is the best time to practice meditation.

Waking up earlier can also help you to perform better in school or at work! With a clear and fresh mind to help you study and work better, you can have better grades and get more done.

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How To Get Your Day Going and Wake Up With the Sun

  • Set an alarm: If you wake up later in the day or at a certain time, you may find it difficult to wake up with the sun. Start by finding when the sun rises in your zone and set an alarm for this time. TIP: If you have the option to give your alarm a title, write something motivating that will remind you why you’re creating this change for yourself. As well, try and make the sound of your alarm something pleasant. You’ll wake up faster and in a better mood. For example, to live a fearless life! If you need some activities to fill up your time, start by making your bed and getting organized.
  • Create a morning ritual: If you like to wake up relaxed, start by reading a book, playing gentle music or practicing meditation. Breathing techniques are a great idea. But, if you like to wake up and practice movement, begin by having a nice walk, run or jog outdoors. Morning yoga is also a great choice. Try to avoid scrolling through social media and flooding your mind with everything going on in the world. If you struggle with this, try a digital detox.
  • Journal: Writing out your short-term and long-term goals is another good way to start your day. Getting your thoughts out on paper is therapeutic. And, it can help you achieve your goals. Before you know it, you will have them all complete.
  • Write a To-Do List: Write down all you need to get done throughout the day and check them as you complete them. This can help you stay organized and it can help you avoid procrastination.

There have been some studies that have been showing it takes about 21 days to form a new habit. For example, getting back in shape by incorporating a fitness routine. You can have your own experience, by experimenting and taking this as a 21-day challenge for yourself. To help with this motivation, you can create a support group, tell one of your closest friends, partner, or family member and do this together!

wake up with Retreats at Blue Osa

Imagine what it would look or feel like to have more productivity, get tasks done, and have time for yourself? Even more energy, and a healthier mind and body? If this is what you’d like, then you should consider taking this 21-day challenge and wake up with the sun!

What’s better than trying out this challenge in Blue Osa paradise? A place rich in nature, like-minded people and good food, all giving you motivation for this new habit change. Waking up with the morning sun may even change your life! Who knows? It’s definitely worth a try!

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