How to Choose the Best Yoga Instructor Certification: 2 Week vs. 1 Month YTT Immersion

Getting a yoga instructor certification is a decision that can change your life forever. If you’re reading this, you’re either thinking about or you’ve decided to invest your time, money, and soul into an immersion yoga teacher training. It’s a big step, so you want to choose the experience that is right for your unique personality, your time availability and something that aligns financially. 

At Blue Osa, we offer a two week and a one month training immersion. First, let’s dive into the buzzword immersion. Immersion is the deep mental, physical, emotional and spiritual  involvement and absorption in and from an experience. What you will learn in the two week versus the four week 200-hour yoga teacher training immersions at Blue Osa are very similar, but the offerings vary slightly. Both opportunities will be life-changing experiences that will provide you with everything you need to know to lead classes safely and with confidence. But to help guide you to which option is best for you, learn about the differences below.

Yoga student practicing twisted chair pose in Blue Osa's yoga shala in Costa Rica.

One month vs. 2 week intensive yoga teacher training

The difference between a two week versus a one month yoga teacher training is that because one is longer, it’s a bit less intensive and taken at a slower pace. Both offer everything you need to begin teaching classes so you can be sure you’re investing in the best yoga instructor certification out there. Keep reading for a breakdown of each.

Yoga students doing abdominal exercises on the floor of Blue Osa's yoga shala in Costa Rica.

2 Week Immersion Yoga Teacher Training Benefits

If you’re interested in completing a training, but you feel you don’t have time for an extended yoga teacher training immersion, this is a great option to look into. Perhaps you’d like to work this training in with the vacation schedule at your day job or you’re uncomfortable being out of the country for a whole month. 

Or, maybe your learning style is more conducive to a fast-paced and intensive curriculum. Whatever your reason for leaning toward a two week versus a one month training, here are the benefits that will likely stand out the most:


These three accommodation options include board and the cost of the training for the two week 200 hour training option compared to the 28 day option. Please note, flights, incidentals, laundry, and gratuities are not included in these prices. 

$2,890 triple occupancy (you and two other roommates) compared to $3,990.00 for 28 days

$3,390 double occupancy (you and one other roommate) compared to $4,490.00 for 28 days

$4,890 single occupancy (for those who prefer their privacy) compared to $6,190.00 for 28 days

There is also an option to have a room with air conditioning for an additional cost. 


Since this training is offered as a two week intensive yoga teacher training, it may be more feasible than a one month long immersion. While it’s shorter, you will still receive all of the amazing benefits of a longer training. Two weeks is plenty of time to circulate energy in your life and escape from your daily schedule for a little. You will still receive the experience of a yoga immersion and gain the tools you need to be a teacher. For these two weeks, you will be surrounded by a community of like-minded people who are fully invested in you and your well-being. 

Ideal for personal development

A yoga instructor certification training is much more than a course in how to guide yoga classes. Many people strongly believe that their yoga teacher training completely changed the course of their life, experiencing a true transformation. If this resonates with you, you may be called to a yoga teacher training program even if you have no intentions of teaching yoga, although you may just surprise yourself!

During our 200 hour immersive training, you’ll expand your knowledge, develop a strong foundational practice, gain clarity on the direction of your life, empower yourself spiritually, and gain insight into how yoga extends beyond the four corners of your mat. 

Again, even if you don’t want to teach classes, the conversations and experiences of this teacher training are deeply transformative. To get a more intimate feel of the two week, 200 hour yoga teacher training at Blue Osa watch this video on Becoming a Certified RYT 200-Hour Yoga Trainer and Become an Agent of Change.

Six yoga students practicing tree pose connected by their hands looking out into the sunset on the beach at Blue Osa Yoga Retreat Center in Costa Rica.

One Month Immersion Yoga Teacher Training Benefits

If you’re ready to go all in and completely settle into your practice and your new yogic community, you owe it to yourself to spend 28 days doing so. A yoga sabbatical may be just the life-changing magic you’ve been looking for!

More growth

Allowing yourself one full month to fully immerse yourself in your yoga practice yields life-changing development. A one-month teacher training involves a bit more learning and training opportunities because there’s time to go deeper, 14 extra days go a long way!

Yoga student practicing dancer pose outside Blue Osa's yoga shala in Costa Rica.

More adventure

A great benefit to spending a full month at Blue Osa is the amount of time you have to explore the surrounding area. We offer an array of eco-tours as part of the weekly schedule, so all you have to do is sign up and we’ll take care of the rest.

Yoga students covered in clay found on the beach close to Blue Osa in Costa Rica.

More time

You may be someone who needs a little bit more time to ground where you land. During a 28-day teacher training, you have that first week and a half to spend time doing just that. You’ll begin the training upon arrival, but you’ll have more time to settle before enjoying another two and a half weeks at Blue Osa, in the company of your new friends. No matter what, one full month spent in a yoga instructor certification course will be incredibly healing for the soul and mind, the truest meaning of the word immersion.

How to choose the yoga instructor certification that’s right for you

No matter which way you go, you’ll receive maximum value at Blue Osa for your time and money. Both of our immersion yoga teacher trainings are comprehensive curriculums that will prepare you to be a powerful and devoted teacher.

Yogi Aaron’s trainings are designed to give you the momentum you need to jump into a career of yoga, both feet first. He is passionate about sharing his spirituality and knowledge, so you will leave fully steeped in healthy habits. You will gain a rock-solid practice and the confidence to teach your students safely and ethically. To truly understand Yogi Aaron’s unique approach to yoga and why his training is different from any other yoga training or instructor out there, we recommend reading his book Stop Stretching!: A New Yogic Approach to Master Your Body And Live Pain-Free which delves into his trademarked yogic method, Applied Yoga Anatomy + Muscle Activation™, or AYAMA™. You will receive your AYAMA™ training and certification with either the two week or one month yoga teacher trainings which is an invaluable additional certification you can not get anywhere else.

So what is this additional AYAMA™ certification that you can’t get anywhere else about and why would it benefit you as a yoga teacher?

AYAMA™ is not only a revolutionary way to practice yoga but teaches you to embody and deeply understand anatomy while alleviating pain in the body. This experiential and transformative form of yoga anatomy training will come alive in your body while teaching you how to get rid of pain, taking your skills as a yoga practitioner to a whole new level.

You should be aware that most Yoga Teacher Trainings do not offer this level of experiential and comprehensive anatomy instruction and that you will leave our training with a somatic understanding of your body and the ability to apply these teachings directly to your life and yoga practice. AYAMA™ teaches you how to guide yoga classes safely, ensuring you do not injure your students or cause, aggravate, or exacerbate any pain they may have.

Yogi Aaron teaching yoga students warrior one pose in Blue Osa's yoga shala in Costa Rica.

Whether you choose the two week or one month 200-hour yoga teacher training, here are just a few of the benefits of becoming certified at Blue Osa: 

  • Escape from the turbulence and distractions of your daily life and give yourself the time, space and focus to deepening your practice.
  • Expand your knowledge and accelerate your learning.
  • Develop a strong foundational practice in yoga.
  • Have a clearer direction for your life path.
  • Have an empowering yoga immersive spiritually awakening experience.
  • Learn how to sequence transformative yoga classes.
  • Develop a daily meditation practice.
  • Learn how to teach multilevel classes.
  • Learn how to teach yoga safely.
  • Fully immerse yourself in an authentic Himalayan Yoga tradition.
  • Learn about functional anatomy and the AYAMA™ approach.
  • Experience leading classes and be ready to teach on day one!
  • Leave Blue Osa with a clear vision of your purpose.

How do I start a yoga teaching career?

The best way to start is to just start. Once you have a 200-hour yoga instructor certification, you don’t necessarily need to delve any further into yoga teaching courses. 

Start spending time journaling about themes for different class offerings, sequencing, workshops, or even retreats and note any ideas about how to market them. Ask your friends and family if you can teach them a class or design virtual offerings where people can gather over Zoom.

There is also no reason not to jump right into approaching studios! If you feel like you’re ready, and that’s what you want to do, start inquiring about demos at the studios in your area, or perhaps there’s a studio you’re already a part of, if so you could let them know you’re excited to start your yoga teacher journey before you even take your teacher training and plant the seed. Read our blog on How to Get a Job as a Yoga Teacher for more tips on starting your yoga career!

How many days is a 200-hour yoga teacher training?

There are some yoga teacher trainings that span for 3-6 months. It just depends on the person or organization offering the training and what they have designed. Blue Osa’s offerings are 14 and 28 days. At the end of either training, you will be fully certified with the Yoga Alliance as a yoga teacher (200 RYT).

Which certification is best for yoga?

There are many different styles and disciplines of yoga to explore. The best yoga certification for you depends on what kind of instructor you want to be. If you want to be registered with the Yoga Alliance, the organization that awards you your certificate will have to be registered with the YA. 

You don’t have to get certified with YA, but some studios prefer their teachers to be registered. To do so, your certification must come from a registered yoga teacher training program. If you don’t have a preference, just make sure you choose a program with a great reputation and strong reviews.

Any 200 hour will cover all of the basic knowledge of yoga asana, history, anatomy, and philosophy.

Is a 2-week or 1-month more beneficial?

When choosing how long to spend getting your yoga instructor certification, there is no “better” option. It depends on what aligns for you. Follow the lead of your inner vision! Regardless of whether you choose to spend 14 days or 28 days with us, we will be here to welcome you!

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