10 Essential Things You’ll Learn During Your 300-Hour YTT

Are you ready for a challenge? You may be playing with the idea of an advanced teacher training, but it can seem like a huge job. Stepping into a hugely transformational month away from home is daunting, but the skills and yogic practices you’ll immerse in will prove to be invaluable for your yoga career and your life.

Key Things You’ll Learn During Your 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training

1. The Energetic and Deeper Sublime Effects of Asana

300-hr YTT

As a yogi, you already know that yoga is good for you. It can be a powerful vehicle of physical, emotional and spiritual change. But asana holds great potential for your life journey as a whole. It can be a wellspring of self-discovery, revealing unknown depths of your mind and connecting you to a purer sense of the divine within you. This road can be bumpy, but it’s quite possibly the most important work you’ll do for yourself.

2. How to Conduct and Lead Fire Rituals

A nighttime fire by the ocean sounds like a fun party and a pretty excellent time, right? But it’s hard to imagine the haunting, soul-vibrating nature of a mantra-chanting, song-singing, circle-the-fire ritual. This is a totally unique experience that will add so much depth and meaning to your 300-hour yoga teacher training. You’ve never felt more like part of a solid, powerful tribe before in your life!

3. How to Deeply Affect the Lives of Your Students

300-hr YTT

If you’ve been teaching for a while, you probably already know how to sequence good yoga classes for your students. Your adjustments are safe, you’ve honed in on your teaching style, and you’ve developed regulars that keep taking your classes because they love their time with you.

But, what if you could build great classes that are structured and sequenced to truly affect and transform your students? Not only will you learn for yourself the potential yoga has in your life, but after your 300-hour yoga teacher training, you’ll be able to open that doorway for others as well. After all, we don’t just teach yoga to help people make shapes with their bodies. We teach yoga to help our students realize their potential and live fuller, happier lives.

4. Honing in On Your Spiritual Stance

If you’re a seeker like most students of yoga, you undoubtedly love to learn new things about your spirituality and what your practice means for you. After all, the best teachers are forever pupils. During your 300-hour yoga teacher training, you’ll dive deep into your core beliefs, and learn loads about which direction you want your spirituality to take you. This is an opportunity to connect in a strong way with the divine within and all around you.

5. Realizing Your Entrepreneurial and Leadership Potential

As teachers, we are by definition leaders: of classes, meditations, chanting. But given the current state of the world, it’s important for us to realize our place in it as the carriers of peace, as the love-spreaders in a time where there isn’t enough of these things to go around. Your 300-hour yoga teacher training will empower you to build your leadership and entrepreneurial skills so that you can identify your message of peace, love and nurturing and reach a larger audience with it.

6. How to Access and Align Your Chakras

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

It’s possible that you have studied the chakras and have a decent grasp of their healing potential. But we will delve into what each chakra means, how each one affects your body, your health and your life, and how to unblock any energetic obstructions you may be experiencing. Chakras can be a huge part of your path to enlightenment and a powerful connection to the divine.

7. The Science and Application of Mantra

Since time immemorial, humans have known that sound has healing power. Ancient monks, shamans, and the like have used sound to unify cultures, and to create vibrations that bring about change. We believe strongly in the potential that mantra and chanting have to help heal us, center us, and bring us closer to the divine. Join us for your 300-hour yoga teacher training and delve into this ancient mystery!

8. How to Lead Yourself and Others Through Yoga Nidra

300 YTT chakras

Yoga nidra is also known as yogic sleep because it can be more restful than sleep itself. Done lying down, it is a deep form of meditation that takes the practitioner through the 5 levels of self to emerge refreshed and centered. It’s an excellent way to reduce stress, improve sleep patterns, and to connect with your true self in a way you may never have before.

9. A Deeper Understanding of the Ancient Yoga Mysteries

Since yoga can be traced back at least 5,000 years in human history (some think it’s more like 10,000), there is a lot to learn about this ancient practice and how people have been using it over the millennia. Studying and understanding the deeper meanings and historical implications of these yogic mysteries will only serve to strengthen your connection with your practice. When you learn just how strong the lineage of yoga really is, you not only connect more deeply with your practice, but also with the many people who have carried these traditions and mysteries down through history.

10. How Yoga and Meditation Can Be a Gateway to Complete Spiritual Fulfillment

You probably already understand that yoga and meditation can have a positive effect on your life and the lives of your students. We want to give you the power to use your practice on the next level. The paths to leadership, a fulfilling career, spreading your unique message, and personal enlightenment and fulfillment are waiting for you at your 300-hour yoga teacher training!

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